Declaration of Love

My every dream is consumed with the image of your beauty. I long to lay by your side and melt into the depth of your gaze, feel the warmth of your smile and hold you so close that our heart’s beat in time, as if one. I long to brush your hair from across your beautiful face, knowing this is the face I want to fall asleep with, and wake to every morning. Not only do I love you, but I adore and crave you. Not only now, but long after we’re married and beyond. I’m so honoured to call you mine, and so proud to stand by your side.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Answering Doubt

An old man retires to a quiet place and holds conversation with a young boy that isn’t there. He is bombarded with questions in the eager small boy’s youthful enthusiasm, but alas they resonate and reverberate within the old man’s head. Clenching his hands, he bows his head and seeks clarity and wisdom to silence the young boy’s inquiry, for fear his unanswered questions are being to agitate the child.

Then there was silence. The young boy had fallen quiet and vanished. Clarity returned once more to the old man’s mind, though no answers to questions asked, for all doubts had been removed.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



You come walking in
Vest top on and legs wrapped in leather
High hells on
Hair hanging down
With a smile on your face and that sparkle in your eye
You must know I adore you
Crave you
Want you
God knows that I love you
Temptation has never been so cruel
Because without that ring on your finger
You’ll never truly be mine

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Q&A about Love

How do you know it’s love? Should your mind wander to exotic places, sampling gourmet dishes or finest wine, who is sharing that mind wander with you? If it is not the person of whom you’ve said has your heart, do they really have it?

What do you think about soul mates? When two lovers come together, and a bond is formed not of lust and carnal desire, but of understanding and communication. When they see the flaws created by others and accept them without wanting to fix them because the adore you in spite of them. Though they cannot erase the past, they nurture your soul in a way that makes your future much brighter.

Do you believe there is someone for everyone? A lifetime is but a spec in the true reality of time. A month, a year or even a decade we may wait until our heart’s rythmn is matched to another. We may win and lose our greatest love in our early years, or find true love towards the end of what time we have. True love comes to us all eventually, it’s keeping it fed and sustainable that will help it flourish.

Have you found any of the aforementioned? My journey through love has been eventful, albeit with few. They have been full of happy times and great memories of which I look back on with fondness. That said, I have found my happily ever after. She is all of the above and more. She has captivated my heart from the first time I saw her, and continues to enthrall and amaze me with her presence and charisma. If a man could die from love, I would have died already a million times over. She is my everything.

Thoughts of: authorchrisbrown


Crimson Skies – New Short Story

“Isn’t it beautiful?” the young boy enquired with a hint of awe as he gazed at the crimson sky whilst sitting himself beside the old veteran scout. “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight,” he continued.

“Oh it’s beautiful alright, but it’s sure no delight. That there is the glow of a great fire. A fire in the direction we needed to be headed.”

The boy stood, “Fire?”

“A mighty one too, to make the heavens so red. My guess would be the city burns just as brightly.”

“Then we must go back! If our path is blocked by fire, we must go back.”

“Look around you boy! There’s a vast world out there waiting for us to discover it. So the sky burns red now, in the morning it may be different. One things for certain though, we’re never going back. Never!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Something hurts inside
When you’re lost and can’t be found
You feel so disconnected
From every sight and every sound

No place to call your home
As there’s nowhere for your heart
So you endlessly keep walking
Getting further from the start

Tears they fall around you
Like heavy rain on the blackest day
And the scars you cannot see
Will within you always stay

To this life of shattered dreams
You’ll be forever eternally bound
Because it hurts a little more
Each day you’re lost and can’t be found

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



When your fears turns to tears, and dreams crumble into decaying debris.

When salvation becomes the barrel of a loaded gun and you drink your poison to numb the pain.

When every fibre of you soul is manipulated like a marionette’s strings, pushed and pulled beyond you will.

When a heart doesn’t break, but it cracks and shatters into millions of pieces lifting into the night sky to join the stars.

When the words have been spoken and all feelings gone.

That is when it’s the end.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Love, Unconditional

She’s like the stars in the night sky, the moon on a cloudless night. She’s the warmth of the sun and the kiss of a summer breeze upon my cheek. She’s the salvation of open arms and the comfort of a warm welcoming bosom. Her smile captivates me and I’ll forever be #MySweetLove

Your smile is more precious than the sun when lost in the darkness, and your love is like the wind. Even though I cannot see it, I feel it within my heart every day. #mysweetheart

On the most silent of nights, when I close my eyes, the sound of her laughter fills my ears. When the cold of night bites deep beneath the blanket, I remember the warmth of her embrace and the tender touch of her fingers through my hair. There is a comfort, a reassuring sanctuary that makes me feel safe in losing myself to sleep. #myfuturewife


Being a Lighthouse

My son asked me ‘if you could describe yourself as an object, what would it be?’

Probably, a lighthouse on the end of a cliff. You see the ocean is like life. Sometimes it’s calm and tranquil, other times a little choppy and rough. Other times the waves are so strong and tall they threaten to consume me. Yet here I stand, defiant in spite of the storms shining my light on whoever so wishes to seek it.

I think most of the analogy was lost on the poor lad, but in time I hope he too will learn to stand defiant through the storms of life and I pray he does a better job at it than I do.



Emotions are strong things. We act blindly at times because of them, through hurt and pain, sadness and anger. Sometimes though, through these strong feelings of emotion, a poet will create some of his best work.

A pile of stinking putrid filth
A gut wrenching
Vomit inducing
Stench of decaying hopes and dreams
Tortured helpless minds
Ripped out souls
And empty shells
Zombies to emotions of once they felt
Limp and lifeless forms
Stumbling through the cesspit of life
Let me join you brothers
The legion of damned
The unloved
Slaves to abandonment and eternal loss
As I say “Good luck you all!”
The lovers
And all of those that harbour hope
For love is death upon it’s end
Rips out your soul
Rots your heart
And leaves you broken to the core

Copyright: authorchrisbrown