A dark story of history repeating

A male child, born with no given name, to a mother than cried heavily at the mere sight of him. He was forever a contanst reminder of his father that forcefully planted his seed within her virgin womb before disappearing into the depths of night, leaving her shivering and broken. What chance did this child have when even his mother found the sight of him abhorrent? She couldnt love and nourish him, and so he found himself abandoned to the mercy of whoever could.

He was named Samuel by the elderly woman that would call herself mother, though he refused to accept either. He fought her love, rebelled against the sanctuary of homeliness she’d created for him. The years of his growing were a constant struggle, and yet she refused to abandon him as his mother had. Even when his school refused to educate him she stayed at home in order to school him.

He resented and despised her, and yet with each passing year an infatuation grew within him. There was something within his DNA that compelled him to obsess over being around her at inappropriate times. He would spy through the keyhole as she undressed, and yet would refuse to join her at the table come tea time.

It was upon a random evening late in the year, rain lashing down upon the panes of glass and the occasional flash of lightening illuminating the otherwise dimly candle lit room that he appeared before her as she was in a state of undress.

Instinctively she cowered away, covering any exposed flesh from his unblinking eyes, and yet he reached out and pulled at her night blouse. As she fought his advances, sharp nails scratched her breasts drawing crimson lines across them. Crying in shock and pain she could do nothing as he exposed them, his hands gripping tightly the area directly around the nipple.

As the tears rolled heavily from her heartbroken eyes, and her requests for him to stop went ignored, he forcefully pushed her backwards onto the bed. She knew what was coming next, and yet was unable to stop it. Pain soared through her body as he entered her. Emotionless he satisfied himself within her as she sobbed uncontrollably, her clothes torn and blood flowing from the wounds received as reward for her attempting to resist.

He said nothing as he left. A dark figure disappearing into the depths of night, leaving behind a broken elderly woman whose womb began preparing for the unwanted gift she’d been given.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



When your fears turns to tears, and dreams crumble into decaying debris.

When salvation becomes the barrel of a loaded gun and you drink your poison to numb the pain.

When every fibre of you soul is manipulated like a marionette’s strings, pushed and pulled beyond you will.

When a heart doesn’t break, but it cracks and shatters into millions of pieces lifting into the night sky to join the stars.

When the words have been spoken and all feelings gone.

That is when it’s the end.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Caught – Taboo NSFW +18

The below is a work of complete fiction for a book entitled “Taboo” featuring a number of authors.

There I was, sitting alone, watching porn with my cock in my hand. Trousers around my ankles and erection standing proud as I stroked it gently.

To my utter surprise, in walks my daughter who says nothing but sits opposite me as I struggle to hide myself and pull up my trousers.

Slowly, her hand reaches under her clothes and it becomes evident she’s playing with herself. Her other hand clutches her breast and begins squeezing it tightly.

Caught in confusion. I’m struggling to dress and yet get oddly aroused at what I’m seeing. My cock is throbbing uncontrollably. Even more so as she begins undressing so as to make her own masterbation easier.

I sit back down in the chair. My gaze never leaves my daughter’s actions and I find my erection once again in my hands. Her groans were like sweet music. Her fingers stroking her young nubile clit.

As she brought herself to climax, her body arched and fingers deep inside herself, I felt the sweet release of my own cum all down my hardened shaft.

Slowly she stood, picked up her clothes and left the room. Nothing was ever spoken of the incident again, however I continue to masterbate knowing she’s in the house, hoping I get caught again.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Discovery NSFW +18

Scrolling through the plethora of like minded souls, dropping a ‘like’ or typing a response to something read that pulls on your mindset and urges interaction.

Then there are those that ‘speak’ to you personally on a connected level. The pages or blogs that draw you in with open arms, that without rhyme nor reason, have you pouring over every word. Hours spent back and forth in textualized conversation.

All too recently I discovered another kind. A visual kind. Normally I pass over the picture in favour of the word, but this had both. It was clever. To consume the text, I found myself devouring the image. Being aroused by the image. Dreaming of the image.

This is ridiculous. I’ve been aroused here by another, her words stimulating me as if touched by her alone, but never by an image. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and these sit somewhere between foreplay and intercourse.

I welcome the new discovery and all the sexual implications that arise from exploration, but yet I’m left wondering if I explore for the written thoughts, or more the enlightening visuals shared alongside.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Last Day 18+ NSFW

6:00 am The regular morning alarm sounded under his right ear, the location of his phone under his pillow as usual. He looked at his wife still asleep next to him and juggled the decision of waking her by sucking upon her breasts, or going down on her. He opted for the latter.

6:10 am She was sat riding his cock after being given the most amazing wake up orgasm with his tongue, determined now to make him fill her with his hot cum.

6:30 am She lay thoroughly satisfied upon the bed, sleep threatening to consume her as he had. He smiled and headed to the bathroom to prepare for work.

7:00 am Grabbing his coat and keys, he leaves the house, silently so as not to wake her. Getting into his car, he turns up the music and sets off for work.

7:25 am He finds himself in the usual nose to tail gridlock of snail paced traffic, looking forward to the next hour of nudging slowly towards the day ahead.

8:42 am Arriving at work, the usual eye roll of contemplation is replaced with a warm smile. He’s greeted by Alice the company secretary in her usual cheerful manner. He reaches out for her to take his hand, to which she curiously obliges.

8:45 am Alice is bent over within a bathroom cubicle, pants around her ankles as he eats her pussy from behind. She was young and fresh, completely shaven and sweet upon his lips. Moments later he was deep inside her, grabbing at her tiny perky breasts. He wasn’t sure if it was the best sex she’d had, but she sure as hell made encouraging noises to suggest it was.

9:37 am He left Alice to straighten up, making his way to his to his desk and the pile of paperwork waiting for him. In a moment of what could be called complete insanity, he threw the entire pile up in the air and watched smiling as it all came cascading down around him.

9:40 am He leaves the office for the final time and gets back into his car. Turning the music up to max, he just drove.

**Meanwhile, at the same time, a scream erupts from a familiar bathroom as a wife discovers her husband has taken with him all of their toilet roll**

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Wild Ride #lust 18+ NSFW

It was supposed to have been just the two of us, but she’d brought a mutual friend to play along. I asked how she wanted to do this, to which she responded by pushing me onto the bed and climbing upon my face. The friend straddled my cock. It was better than I’d dreamed. #lust

It was the most peculiar feeling, knowing unequivocally that I was truly in love with one of them, and yet being sexually aroused by them both. They both played nicely and shared their toy willingly, me. Was it possible to fall in love both of them? #lust

I lay in between two roses, like some deadly thorn, exhaustion flushing over all three of us. Their sweat covered bodies wrapped in my arms as the lay caressing my chest. In turn I place tender kisses upon the parts of them I can reach, as we appreciate each other lovingly. #lust

This isn’t infatuation. I simply know that I cannot leave this life without ever satisfying my passion with your bodies. If there are seven deadly sins, then the two of you are eight and nine. Be my poison and also my cure. #lust

I loved that both had their insecurities, both felt a little uneasy about the shape of their bodies, even dressed. It made them real.
What I loved more, was those insecurities were abandoned when in my presence. Perhaps it was because to me they were perfect, and both mine. #lust

Though they had planned and talked about this moment for quite some time, it came as a shock when he left her fully clothed and tied to a chair. All his attentions were focused on her best friend, as she was made to watch him fuck her, unable to respond. #lust

I’d never experienced anything as hot and erotic as I had that night. My inhibitions had been, not only been loosened, but shattered and crushed under stiletto heels. Sure I’d fantasised about having both of them together, but underestimated greatly their sexual appetite. #lust

It was time to say goodbye to my love, as our friend and I were headed home and so long tender kisses and embracing hugs we shared on the platform. Just as I was about to turn to find my seat, she pulled me close and whispered. ‘Fuck her on the train, I dare you.’ #lust

‘Well that was a wild weekend,’ she said smiling broadly. ‘Shame it had to end.’

‘Why does it have to end?’ I pulled her close, kissing her passionately. My hand travelled slowly up the inside of her thigh, making her catch her breath as I slipped my fingers inside her. #lust

Holding her close and muffling her groans with my kisses, I brought her to her first orgasm. Yes there were people looking disapprovingly, but that just added to the thrill. Then I asked her to sit on my cock so that I could take a photo. She knew who I’d be sending it to. #lust

We both waited, eagerly anticipating the reply to our photo. As we did so, she lifted herself up and down my cock, occasionally teasing the tip with just her lips. *beep beep* The reply was here. We both groaned at the sight of our friend masturbating on her bus ride home. #lust

The train came to a stop at my friend’s station, and I was about to walk her to the doors so as to properly say goodbye, when she looked at me and said, ‘My husband’s there waiting for me.’

All I could do was watch as she walked into his outstretched arms and kissed him. #lust

As the train pulled away, and I watched for the second time a lover leave, a middle aged woman joined me from across the carriage. ‘Do you always do that kind of thing on the train?’
‘No, that was the first time.’
Placing her hand in my crutch she replied, ‘second time?’ #lust

She was neither stunningly attractive, nor repulsive or ugly. Neither did she have the cliche body of a young teen for an older woman. Time had taken its toll and gravity had been an accomplice, but that was what made her so much more alluring. I made her that second, hard. #lust

The beauty of the mature woman, is the knowing of what she wants and exactly just how to get it. Taking my hands, she placed them on her breasts and squeezed them tightly, whilst lifting them to where gravity robbed them. Clenching her inner muscles, I felt her cum hard. #lust

She looked at me, a blissful look upon her face. ‘Sex is such a temporary pleasure, and with you it is certainly pleasurable.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied, lifting her up and down my cock.

‘But do you have someone to love?’
My thoughts drifted to my two best friends. ‘Oh yes.’ #lust

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Abuse of Power 18+ NSFW

Sat across from her was the reason for all the disruption in the office that morning. He was probably no more than twenty years old with wire rim glasses and a mop of blonde hair cascading down either side of his youthful looking face. He was of smart appearance, dressed in shirt and a pair of the tightest trousers she’d seen worn by man. Sitting upright in the chair, he looked like a rabbit caught in a pair of headlights.

He was certainly handsome enough to warrant all the gossip, but were the rumours emanating from outside her office true? She was in a privileged enough position within the company to find out, but there was that tiny little matter of the ring she wore.

“What the hell,” she thought looking down at the gold band. “He wouldn’t notice if I was going, let alone coming!”

Asking the young man into her office, she moved around the desk so as to sit on the edge and face him; taking in the full show she was about to ask him to perform.

“Take off your shirt” she ordered sternly feeling a wave of nervous guilt consume her as she began abusing her power of authority. As he did so, she could see the muscle definition around his chest and abdomen and a hot flush threatened to dissolve her dominance. “Now the rest” she demanded struggling to contain her own desires at seeing him semi naked.

He stood before her just as the day he was born, and the sight made every inch of her body twinge with lustful desire. The rumours were certainly true as it was easily eight inches even in its flaccid state, and quite possibly three in circumference which made the mental image of him aroused quite overwhelming. And though her initial thoughts were placing it in her hands, tasting the full length and having it pound into her neglected pussy, she told him to put his clothes back on and leave.

Having just overstepped the boundaries of what is acceptable for a company director, she couldn’t then overstep those of a wife too.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Temptation  18+ NSFW 

Upon the door I knocked,
Parcel in hand,
Delivered earlier,
But no one home.

Movement within,
A curse heard,
Was my timing wrong?
Should I leave now?

Door opens,
A femme fatale,
Wrapped in a towel,
Greets with a smile.

A momentary pause,
Catch my breath,
Remember the parcel,
With out stretched hand.

Instinctively taken,
Towel drops to floor,
Glistening wet body,
For my eyes to feast.

‘You like?’ she asks,
My gaze longing in desire,
Wonderfully curved,
Body smooth like ice.

‘No!’ I lie,
Avoiding eye contact,
‘So why so hard?’
Betrayed by my body.

Towel picked up,
Covering her dignity,
Led inside,
Door closed behind.

Lifting her up,
Pinned to the wall,
Kiss whilst jeans drop,
To give her my all.

Groans in my ear,
Face full of breast,
We fuck without mercy,
Until combined sweet release.

‘Thank you’ she sighs,
I reply just the same,
‘Join me,’ she said,
Temptation too hard to decline.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Betrayal 18+ NSFW

Dark thoughts engulf the mind
Of evil and impurity
A conscience bathed in sinful guilt
Torturing my soul upon my lustful ways

Fucking her body with abundant passion
Pleasure to excess
Sweat inducing, breath depriving
Pure animal driven orgy of carnal desire

Breasts stroked, sucked, bitten
Back clawed to bleed
Hips held tight in rhythmic thrusting
Rigid penis slamming with relentless force

Reaching climax with excited bliss
Letting go deep inside
Her face the one held in erotic dreams
Calling her by a name that’s not her own

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Don’t Tell  18+ NSFW 

She took his hand and guided it over the very curves he promised himself he would never touch. Her soft pale skin felt warm and inviting, which sent flurries of excited feelings through his body. Upon her forbidden breasts she squeezed his fingers, her nipples responding and becoming erect under his palm.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, you’re kinda family.”

She placed her finger to his lips hushing his words as she slipped to her knees.  Slowly she unzipped him and worked free his straining excited cock.

“If it’s wrong, why is this telling me you like it?”

Without waiting for a reply her warm wet lips took the full length of him into her mouth, her tongue stroking the underside as she did so.

“Oh shit! Well I won’t tell if you dont.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown