Being a Lighthouse

My son asked me ‘if you could describe yourself as an object, what would it be?’

Probably, a lighthouse on the end of a cliff. You see the ocean is like life. Sometimes it’s calm and tranquil, other times a little choppy and rough. Other times the waves are so strong and tall they threaten to consume me. Yet here I stand, defiant in spite of the storms shining my light on whoever so wishes to seek it.

I think most of the analogy was lost on the poor lad, but in time I hope he too will learn to stand defiant through the storms of life and I pray he does a better job at it than I do.


Morning Stroll NSFW 18+

It was early morning. A cold nip on the air drew his breath across his teeth, his exhaled breath that followed, plumed in the air before dispersing upon the breeze. He set on his daily walk.

Birds sang loud upon newly budding branches, for Spring was chasing hard upon Winter’s heel promising a return of warmth and new life, but this morning proved Winter was reluctant to relinquish her hold.

“Good Morning!” could be heard behind him, making him jump as he thought he was alone. “Bracing this morning isn’t it?”

The voice belonged to a friend who had offered to walk with him, but he couldn’t remember agreeing to met up. He slowed to allow her time to catch up, and noticed she was dressed much more akin to running than walking. Dressed in a tight lycra top and sporting some equally figure hugging leggings completed the assemble, and on her feet was a pair of expensive running shoes. He felt rather over dressed in jeans and coat.

“Are you not cold?” he said, his eyes unable to move away from her hard pressed nipples under her top.

“It is a little,” she smiled seeing where his gaze was fixed. “C”mon the walk will warm us both.”

Both walked on, small talk flowed between them as they made their way to a footpath across a field up a head. It looked muddy. A small gap in the surrounding wall was the way forward into the muddy quagmire, and despite his hesitation, his friend attempted to get through.

“Oh no!” she cried out. “I’m stuck”

“What would you like me to do?” staring at her doubled over, her hips seemingly wedged in the gap, as she struggled pathetically to free herself.

“Come behind me and push,” she said.

Placing his hands on her backside, he pushed convinced she wasn’t really stuck at all.

“Not like that!” she whispered playfully. “Come behind me and push!”

Now he knew what she was after. Looking around to make sure they were alone, he pulled at her leggings so that they were down near her ankles. Rubbing between her legs, he felt how warm and wet she had gotten. He changed his fingers for his tongue, sliding it up between her excited lips and tasting her flowing juices. Satisfied she was nearing her climax, he did exactly what she’d asked.

It was cold, but the scenario he’d found himself in was so hot. Holding onto her breasts and squeezing tight her excited nipples, he slipped inside her, giving himself as she groaned loudly.

He wasn’t surprised when she stepped away from the wall, pulling up her leggings and straightening her top.

“Same time tomorrow?” he said as she left him standing there. “Told you walking would warm us both.”


The Intern NSFW 18+

Life in an office can get rather tedious. Same four walls, same faces and even the work load gets repetitive. The same people doing as little as possible, whilst the brown-noses suck up to management harder than a Henry hoover after a bag replacement. Same desk, same cup and the same handful of people justifying their cigarette break as a mandatory right because of their addiction.

Imagine then the buzz around the office when a new face appears. Imagine that buzz turning to hysteria when that new face turns out to be a strapping young lad with looks that could sway even the most devoted of loyal wives. The office suddenly just became more tolerable for the female employees, and much more savage for green eyed men.

His name was unimportant. He could have been anyone he wanted to be within the day dreams of those that lingered their wanton eyes in his direction, and those eyes savoured upon a body that was a devotee to the gym. A body wrapped in clothes a size to small that only enthasized how toned and ripped he was.

There was only one problem. He had absolutely no idea just how beautiful he was. He was shy, introvert and nowhere near the persona his physical build had people imagining, which was arrogant and self centered. He was infact the complete opposite.

This is why what happened at the office party is so hard to believe. Not only did he break the cardinal rule about ‘playing with other staff members’ but he did it three times. At the same time.

He was caught fully naked with three female staff workers in the board room. Fucking one, eating out another as the third was bent over being teased by his playful fingers. The fact someone walked in on them didn’t seem to phase him, instead it only encouraged him heighten his attentions to the women.

Word soon got round and a small crowd had gathered on the periphery of proceedings encouraging fantastically.

Just as things looked as though they were about to end, he simply alternated his actions between each woman, making sure they each had the came to cum from his attentions. And cum they did, frequently and often.

Office gossip was ripe the following day. But the three women seemed oblivious to it all, instead being fully content knowing they’d had the best sex they’d had in years. Those that jibed and ridiculed were only jealous that it hadn’t been them.

As for the new face, some wagered that he wouldn’t return. But he did. His shyness and introvert nature still present, although there were those in the office that were planning of ridding him of it at the next office party.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Good Morning NSFW 18+

Good morning you dirty whore

You say you’ve been up early

But then so have I

Up hard, solid, erect because of you

I scrolled my time line

Found an innocent photo

Got lost in your eyes all over again

Searched my private collection

Every photo of your face

Every private picture sent by you

Happily I played with myself

Dreaming of your mouth, your breasts

Every picture scrolled

Closer to excitment I got

Then I found the video

Your perfect pussy teased by a toy

I came instantly

Shooting jets of cum across my chest

But still I was hard

Twenty minutes I watched that clip

Dreaming, fantasising

Eventually I moaned out load

That second climax really hard

Threatening to rip me apart

I came again violently

So good morning to you

My wishful dirty whore

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


The message NSFW +18

There I was, engrossed in the middle of a film when my phone pinged prompting the arrival of a new message.

“I’ve read your private messages, and if you want to fuck her, get here.”

Apprehension caught hold, along with a huge amount of guilt. I replied,

“If I thought you were serious I’d be straight there.”

The very thought of being intimate with her overshadowed any thoughts that he just wanted to batter me. There came the reply.


No sooner had I read that, then I was speeding along the motorway to them. My only defence to the police should I be pulled over was that I was off to fuck my dream woman. And yet it may still have been just a lure to batter me senseless.

In less than an hour I stood, my finger hoovering over the doorbell. I pressed it nervously.

It was she who answered the door and my heart just melted instantly. Dressed in just a baggy sweat top and jeans, she looked at me in complete shock.

“What are you doing here?” she questioned. “I’m not alone.”

Holding up my phone, I showed her the message as a figure appeared down the hallway.

“Come in, your letting the hot air out. No using our bed and no kissing,” he said bluntly.

“Are you serious?” she asked as she took my hand. “You’re going to just watch as he fuck’s me?”

“He’d be doing me a favour!” he replied, returning to the living room.

I had her top and jeans off before we made the sofa. Her excited nipples erect against the fabric of the lacy bra, my fingers encouraging the damp patch on her matching knickers.

She moaned softly as I released her bra clasp, her impressive breasts hanging free and exposed for my mouth and tongue to explore. For some twenty minutes I did nothing but grope and suck on them, occasionally rubbing her soaking wet panties to further excite her.

Paying attention to her whole body I began kissing my way down. Pulling off her knickers as she arched her back away from the back of the sofa. I pushed my lips against hers, sucking them into my mouth whilst flicking my tongue against her clit. Her hand clasped my head as she pulled me closer, my tongue now deep inside her tasting her juices.

It was about ten minutes after I’d begun sucking her pussy that I’d heard a familiar *beep*. He must of gotten bored as he switched on his games console.

It was time to take him up on his offer. Releasing my straining cock from where it had been constrained in my own jeans, I pressed the tip against her excited and swollen pussy. Slowly, as she moaned deeply, I lowered myself into her. I felt her nails digging into my back.

I gave him a glance, my cock buried deep in his future wife, and his gaze never left the screen. So my attention returned to her beautiful lust filled eyes as we fucked for what seemed like hours. I felt her muscles spasm over my cock several times as she came for me, her expression awash with pleasure and passion.

“Come in me,” she said with a panting whisper, pulling me close and breaking his rule of no kissing. Her lips felt like magic against my own. Her tongue danced with mine forcing me to hit my own release.

With her pussy full of my cum, I returned my head to between her thighs. There was no sweeter taste than drinking both our cum from her pussy, and no better feeling than sharing a mouthful as we kissed.

“If your both done,” he said still fully concentrating on his game.

It was time to take my leave, although the thought of spending the remainder of the night wrapped in her arms never left me. Stood at the door I offered my goodbyes, kissing her tenderly and wiping a tear from her eyes.

“I’ll be in touch when you can do that again,” he called out as I got in my car.

On the drive home I came hard one more time as the thought of what we’d just done played over and over in my head.

I’m now waiting eagerly for his next message.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Wild Ride #lust 18+ NSFW

It was supposed to have been just the two of us, but she’d brought a mutual friend to play along. I asked how she wanted to do this, to which she responded by pushing me onto the bed and climbing upon my face. The friend straddled my cock. It was better than I’d dreamed. #lust

It was the most peculiar feeling, knowing unequivocally that I was truly in love with one of them, and yet being sexually aroused by them both. They both played nicely and shared their toy willingly, me. Was it possible to fall in love both of them? #lust

I lay in between two roses, like some deadly thorn, exhaustion flushing over all three of us. Their sweat covered bodies wrapped in my arms as the lay caressing my chest. In turn I place tender kisses upon the parts of them I can reach, as we appreciate each other lovingly. #lust

This isn’t infatuation. I simply know that I cannot leave this life without ever satisfying my passion with your bodies. If there are seven deadly sins, then the two of you are eight and nine. Be my poison and also my cure. #lust

I loved that both had their insecurities, both felt a little uneasy about the shape of their bodies, even dressed. It made them real.
What I loved more, was those insecurities were abandoned when in my presence. Perhaps it was because to me they were perfect, and both mine. #lust

Though they had planned and talked about this moment for quite some time, it came as a shock when he left her fully clothed and tied to a chair. All his attentions were focused on her best friend, as she was made to watch him fuck her, unable to respond. #lust

I’d never experienced anything as hot and erotic as I had that night. My inhibitions had been, not only been loosened, but shattered and crushed under stiletto heels. Sure I’d fantasised about having both of them together, but underestimated greatly their sexual appetite. #lust

It was time to say goodbye to my love, as our friend and I were headed home and so long tender kisses and embracing hugs we shared on the platform. Just as I was about to turn to find my seat, she pulled me close and whispered. ‘Fuck her on the train, I dare you.’ #lust

‘Well that was a wild weekend,’ she said smiling broadly. ‘Shame it had to end.’

‘Why does it have to end?’ I pulled her close, kissing her passionately. My hand travelled slowly up the inside of her thigh, making her catch her breath as I slipped my fingers inside her. #lust

Holding her close and muffling her groans with my kisses, I brought her to her first orgasm. Yes there were people looking disapprovingly, but that just added to the thrill. Then I asked her to sit on my cock so that I could take a photo. She knew who I’d be sending it to. #lust

We both waited, eagerly anticipating the reply to our photo. As we did so, she lifted herself up and down my cock, occasionally teasing the tip with just her lips. *beep beep* The reply was here. We both groaned at the sight of our friend masturbating on her bus ride home. #lust

The train came to a stop at my friend’s station, and I was about to walk her to the doors so as to properly say goodbye, when she looked at me and said, ‘My husband’s there waiting for me.’

All I could do was watch as she walked into his outstretched arms and kissed him. #lust

As the train pulled away, and I watched for the second time a lover leave, a middle aged woman joined me from across the carriage. ‘Do you always do that kind of thing on the train?’
‘No, that was the first time.’
Placing her hand in my crutch she replied, ‘second time?’ #lust

She was neither stunningly attractive, nor repulsive or ugly. Neither did she have the cliche body of a young teen for an older woman. Time had taken its toll and gravity had been an accomplice, but that was what made her so much more alluring. I made her that second, hard. #lust

The beauty of the mature woman, is the knowing of what she wants and exactly just how to get it. Taking my hands, she placed them on her breasts and squeezed them tightly, whilst lifting them to where gravity robbed them. Clenching her inner muscles, I felt her cum hard. #lust

She looked at me, a blissful look upon her face. ‘Sex is such a temporary pleasure, and with you it is certainly pleasurable.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied, lifting her up and down my cock.

‘But do you have someone to love?’
My thoughts drifted to my two best friends. ‘Oh yes.’ #lust

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Mind Mumble: Spark

It is almost impossible to explain the thought process that goes through my head when I see, hear or read things. The most random of things can suddenly invoke a crazy thought string that, before I know it, evolves into a winding magical story that even I don’t know the ending of.

Perhaps I’m blessed with a touch of the bard, or maybe just the court jester. I’m certainly no fighter.

Alive in my mind are a million or more stories waiting to be told, waiting for that spark of inspiration to unleash them into the world. Who knows what that next spark will be, maybe a song or walk in the crisp winter air. It may even be one of you.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Temptation  18+ NSFW 

Upon the door I knocked,
Parcel in hand,
Delivered earlier,
But no one home.

Movement within,
A curse heard,
Was my timing wrong?
Should I leave now?

Door opens,
A femme fatale,
Wrapped in a towel,
Greets with a smile.

A momentary pause,
Catch my breath,
Remember the parcel,
With out stretched hand.

Instinctively taken,
Towel drops to floor,
Glistening wet body,
For my eyes to feast.

‘You like?’ she asks,
My gaze longing in desire,
Wonderfully curved,
Body smooth like ice.

‘No!’ I lie,
Avoiding eye contact,
‘So why so hard?’
Betrayed by my body.

Towel picked up,
Covering her dignity,
Led inside,
Door closed behind.

Lifting her up,
Pinned to the wall,
Kiss whilst jeans drop,
To give her my all.

Groans in my ear,
Face full of breast,
We fuck without mercy,
Until combined sweet release.

‘Thank you’ she sighs,
I reply just the same,
‘Join me,’ she said,
Temptation too hard to decline.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown