Angel of Night

I dreamed of you again last night
You seem to come to me now more than ever
I felt the embrace of your loving arms
Your sweet tender kiss upon my cheek
And yet you made no move
Save to hold close to your heaving bosom

You hushed me back to sleep
Your fingers running through my hair
But I could feel your tears of sorrow
As they landed upon my skin
And I know you hate for me to see you
So I closed my eyes and held you tight

When I awoke I knew you’d be gone
As you’ve done so many times
I also know you cannot stay
As you’re needed somewhere else
But you’ll return when I need you most
My Angel of the Night

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


It’s been awhile

A pale blue sky threatens to break through the early morning grey and bleary clouds.

The light wind rustles through young tree branches making them animate to some silent dance.

From where I sit in a silent house in contemplation of the day ahead, I watch as squirrels dash up and down with youthful endless energy.

Life is good.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


I’m done

I need to make them stop,

The voices and the visions,

I’m going deaf as well as blind,

Yet I cannot shake them.

So I call time,

Close the doors.

Perhaps when I stop listening,

Stop paying attention to them,

They will leave me alone to focus,

Because for now……..I’m done.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Imaginary Friend

Herbert looked at himself in the mirror. He was changing. Unlike his best friend Amelia, who grew taller and older with the passing seasons, he was still the little boy he had always been, just a little more transparent. Amelia was the only one that could see him when he first arrived, but it seemed now more and more he was becoming invisible to even her.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Within Dark Shadows

Her almost whispered calls 
Break the silence of the night 
The scent of sweet perfume 
Carries gently upon the breeze 
And yet she herself 
Remains shrouded within the night 

Like the spider on a web 
She waits to lure her prey 
That one hapless soul 
The stories haven’t reached 
Tales written in the lore’s of time 
Warning of such as her 

And there will be one too 
Following the haunting sound of her voice 
Filled with curiosity to venture 
Deep within the dark city shadows 
And just as the cat in stories old 
They shall never see another day

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Inclement Weather

An inconspicuous day like any other,
Partly notable for a glimmer of sun through greying clouds,
Observed as being pleasant,
By those that cared to notice.

But a storm was brewing upon the horizon,
Clouds began growing agitated and angry,
Seemingly envious of the Sun’s radiance,
So began engulfing and diminishing her light.

Those that hadn’t cared began to now notice,
They scurried and scuttled,
Fleeing the impending inevitability,
Finding shelter from what was to come.

Rage and fury threatened to consume the clouds,
Their anger rolling around the sky almost deafening,
As the sky itself turned from grey to black,
And the clouds began to weep at their unpopularity.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Cascading in a torrent of uncontrollable sadness,

Emotions swelling like turbulent storm filled sea,

An inferno of lust fuelled wildfire like passion,

These tears they fall around me,

Two souls colliding in perfecting harmony,

Yet kept apart by differing life journeys,

How cruel a world to glimmer a sight of all your hopes and dreams,

Yet stow them away across another lifetime,

Only real men cry and display emotion,

Then bear witness world to a man shedding tears of sorrow,

At a happiness you have deprived him.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



We all leave a footprint,
Some within the hearts of others,
Others upon the tops of heads,
Where boots keeps us down.

Within that footprint lurks a past,
Skeletons within cupboards,
Bad choices that come back to haunt us,
All the while we wish to stop history repeating.

We bury those misdemeanours,
Turn a new leaf and start afresh,
But the rot never dies,
It festers ready to consume again.

They find out in the end,
We slip up or bury them too shallow,
Then we wait in limbo,
Awaiting a new executioner for our crimes.

It is those that touch our hearts,
Those that forgive and forget,
But the ones that use the past against us,
They’re the oppressors that keep us forever down.

And so I wait in this limbo state,
Awaiting the verdict upon my past,
I inhale a deep breath,
And wonder if you’ll ever love me again.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Feeling Alone

Lonliness bites hardest,
when the four walls fall silent,
and darkness is all that can be seen.

And even should I walk this dark and dreary landscape,
a torch to light my way,
the loneliness that grips my soul,
plagues me more at night than day.

For the hustle of the crowd have gone,
and a lonely silence dwells,
when you feel alone to walk this world,
it seems the worst of Hells

Copyright: authorchrisbrown