Feelings Change

What have you wrought?
A shadow of agony as feelings diminish.
Once we savored wonder,
untainted and glad-hearted,
but your desire paled.
A sickening cloud of darkness –
tears follow pain, follow hate,
love burnt to ashes.
In a torrent of bitterness,
I still love you.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Velvet Rose

I gave my love a silver ring
Said “It’s you that I adore”
She placed it in a trinket box
Then threw me out the door

I gave my love some sweet perfume
She fumed “You think I smell?”
I threw myself right out that door
Before she gave me Hell

I gave my love a chocolate heaven
Sweets from all round the world
I slammed the door and ran away
As each one at me she hurled

I gave my love a single rose
Of deepest velvet red
She pulled me in and closed the door
Then lead me to her bed

It’s not that easy being a man
Knowing just what gift to give
But persevere, you’ll get it right
And for the rest they will forgive

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Call me your Princess 18+ NSFW

A gifted image to stoke the fires of lust and passion,

Infatuation fuelling the curiosity of a rampant mind,

Erotic dreams coaxed out from the dark corners of the subliminal mind,

Thoughts of exploring the contours and curves of an unfamiliar naked body,

The sensations of touch, taste and smell heightened,

Fucking like wild animals as if tomorrow was never promised,

Passion and intensity increasing with each new position,

Locations changing as the mind runs rampant with each new fantasy realised,

The ultimate sacrifice of control and dominance when she sighs the words ‘call me your Princess’.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Beneath the stars

Beneath the stars sits a loyal owl
With a firefly lantern in his beak
Guarding a grove where fairies sit
From the darkness where dangers sneak

Seated upon tiny toadstools
They read stories told in rhyme
While the owl stays his watchful vigil
Sanctuary shrouds them for a time

Beneath the stars in a small grove
Fairies read by lantern light
Within peace and virtual silence
Until the owl takes upon his flight

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Blind Date

It’s been several years
I was young and foolish
Impetuous and even more naive
But I craved the fortune
Expected the glory
I desired to be the best of them all

So a pact I made with a daemon
One I had no intention to fulfil
And when I failed to keep our wager
Like a wolf to lamb he tracked me down

To fight had been quite useless
His skills I could not match
He beat me down
And did so with ruthless glee
Close to death he claimed his winnings
He took my sight then set me free

For years I sought no vengeance
Honed the senses I had left
To move with grace like flowing water
Though darkness shroud me learn to see

Now time has come to face my daemon
And though he took what was his to take
I’ve lost the need for fame or glory
Just the romance to be my best
So I’ll meet him in the darkness
This blind date we’ll court in hell.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Once upon a few hundred posts ago.

The opening of the mind,

Spilling forth thoughts,

Sometimes emotions,

Moments of randomness,

Times of constructed purpose,

Tendrals searching for a connection,

That simple ‘like’,

A welcomed critique or comment,

Pulling from all corners,

A following of appreciation,

Those that find the constant outpouring,

Bearable to read and digest,

On a near daily basis.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 

Thank you one and all for having chosen to follow, or simply simply read, the amount of stuff I’ve churned out on here since my joining earlier this year.

To those actively following the mini episodes of “Quest for Shala”, I shall be continuing with that over the festive break. 

To those liking the ‘word/genre challenges’, I have 10 more to post as and when to keep thinks fresh.

All that remains is to wish all a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.



Ibiza Gold Glitter

A requested piece. I just hope it becomes another of her favourites.

Sun kissed beaches,

Blue sea lapping against the shore,

The crazy hum of vibrant music,

Resonates upon the party Isle,

Sun setting below a distant horizon,

Two lovers entwine below orange skies,

Intimacy and euphoria,

Bodies covered in sweat and sand,

Gift themselves to foreign land.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 



Naked and exposed,

Walls once built to defend a fragile heart,

Now crumbled and deralict,

Reopened wonds of past hurt,

Irritate like an unreachable itch,

Eating away and festering,

And yet naked and exposed,

You close your eyes,

Exploring your sensual inner desires,

All from the power of an ‘if only’ thought.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown