Wake up 18+ NSFW

I awoke I don’t know why

A flashing light caught my eye

Message sent from my queen

Smile on my face begins to beam

I see her face so pure yet wild

Butterflies return like when a child

A breast I see and nipple bar

Why the hell does she live so far

Further down the image goes

To a place where only a lover knows

A sight I never thought I’d see

Her perfect pussy just for me

I take my penis within my hand

Stroke myself till I can no longer stand

The release myself because of she

My love, my queen, my secrecy.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Her Smile

I lay awake gazing at her sleeping face

She always looks so beautiful in my eyes

But it’s during these times she looks so at peace

The weight of her troubles have lifted

And the scars from flowing tears have smoothed

I lay awake watching her eyes flicker

Pondering the dreams that play out in her head

Brushing her hair from off her face

A smile unfurls from across her lips

Closing my eyes I wait for slumber happy

I love her smile

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Her voice in the storm

The wind blew with savage fury

Trees bowing to nature’s violent breath

Their leaves sent in a maelstrom whirlwind

And I couldn’t help but watch them dance

A familiar voice calling on gale

“Do not be afraid.”

So through the raging torrential storm

The rain now bouncing to its own relentless tune

I stood with a certainty and reassurance

Only the sound of her voice could give.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


A friend

We all become addicted to that which takes the pain away, even if the cure ends up being a new poison.

If you’re alone,
I’ll be your shadow.
If you want to cry,
I’ll be your shoulder.
If you want a hug,
I’ll be your pillow.
If you need to be happy,
I’ll be your smile…

But anytime you need a friend,
I’ll just be me.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Tea & Poetry

How on earth can the first cup of tea taste so amazing, and yet you make a second straight afterwards and it tastes nothing like the first! So I leave you a little poem, Babbling Brook.

The babbling brook
My hunting ground
Teaming with life
Ready to be captured

The Dragonfly
On delicate wing
Never sitting still
Requires much patience

The butterflies
Much easier prey
So many choices
Never a wasted shot

Different water life
Amphibians and fish
Shy and well hidden
Demand keenest of eye

Birds in the trees
My ultimate goal
Caught whilst hunting
Relies on generous luck

The babbling brook
My favourite place
Armed with a camera
Time simply filters away

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Picture Challenge

I walked what seemed like hours in the darkness
Taking re-assurance from the texture of uneven bark between my fingers
The trees, some three times my age, guided me
Like an old man holding gently the hand of his grandchild
I walked towards the light that hung in the air like some ghostly apparition
With a beauty most haunting it gave me chills
Was I heading towards salvation from the colour of the night
Or a prelude to my own eternal darkness

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



I feel the hurt portrayed in your eyes
The spiralling descent into nothingness
An abyss of depression
The fight lost
Over as exhaustion consumes you

The rut you were once in widens
Looking up from a chasm of constant similarity
Everything’s the same
The wheel of time turning
Fragments of yourself trodden underfoot

There is no anger to consume you
The fires of emotion extinguished long ago
An empty shell
Meandering along
Trapped like a slave to a life confined

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



The soft undeniable sound of footsteps
Coming from the dark corner of the room
Slowly lifting the duvet higher
Cuddling onto teddy for comfort and protection

Closer those footsteps are now getting
Almost at the bottom of the bed
You scream as something tugs at the duvet
Footsteps run back towards the dark corner

A light switched on illuminates the room
Mum has come to see what’s wrong
The tears she wipes away with love
Reassuring you the monster’s gone

Dark again the room as she leaves you
You wait to hear those steps once more
With duvet high and teddy hugged in tight
It’s only sleep that finds you now

Copyright: authorchrisbrown