Competition Entry #3

Darkest Fear

“There are some relationships that are worth lying for.”

That’s exactly what Grace had been doing for the past two years, lying to the man of her dreams, her soul mate.

It was only six months until the wedding and she’d still not had the courage to sit down and tell him the truth about why she hadn’t yet fallen pregnant, despite actively trying almost every night.

The very thought of being the size of a beached whale, stretch marks and swollen ankles frightened her. More so than any horror movie. Then there’s children themselves. Little dependent wrinkly crying breast sucking Satans. They were not much better getting older.

Could, or would, Grace face her fears for the sake of her relationship? Or would she let the man of her dreams walk away for fear of ruining her vagina?

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



She was from another space and time. A place where strange creatures roamed the wilderness and unusual flora grew from snow covered earth.

Her eyes cried out a silent call, pulling me across the divide to this place she called home. To a closeness in which the heat of our bodies could be felt in equal measure.

She was naked, save from a warming smile with which she greeted me, and I could not avert my eyes from the splendour of that radiant body.

With a tender touching of lips the snare she’d set with her Godess like charm and beauty, trapped me forever to be by her side.

In adoration, I worshipped her tirelessly, gifted unto her all that her heart desired. Satisfying her lust for sins of the flesh.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Cancer….Fuck You

So some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little sketchy and absent from here for a while. That’s because life has a way of kicking you in the ball sack when you think you may have turned a corner.

Last Saturday, the day before Mother’s day and a handful of days after her 61st birthday, my mother lost her long fight against cancer. She past away in hospital, where the medical staff did everything they could in easing her pain and making her comfortable.

So yes, I’ve been absent, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been with good reason. There is no need for condolences, or prayers, because I know you will feel compelled to write something. All I ask is that you go and get regular checks so that your family aren’t one day left grieving as mine are.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Word/Genre Challenge #4

For this challenge the word was ‘staircase’ (though I re-interpreted this as escalator) and the genre, Horror.

“There was a time when you used to look at me like that,” remarked Cheryl, her husband watching intently a young blonde as she walked towards them.

“I still would if you had a body like that,” he replied without looking away.

“My belly has been a cooker for our three children, my breasts a vessel for them to feed on, and let’s not start on the mess they’ve made downstairs.”

“Yeah Yeah. All I’m saying is you could tone a little.” He couldn’t help but compound the situation by smiling at her as she passed, then continue to turn so as to check her out from the back.

Cheryl muttered something under her breath that sounded complete jibberish, leaving her husband admiring the young female’s arse as it began to disappear down an escalator.

As he turned to catch up with his wife, a chilling scream came from behind him. It was a female’s scream, quickly followed by a multitude of others, and people shouting, “Turn it off! Oh my god turn it off.”

The husband ran to see what all the comotion was, only to stop dead in his tracks as he peered over the escalator edge. His stomach churned as he witnessed the horrifying and sickening sight of the young blonde being mutilated and torn apart by the escalator’s inner mechanisms. Blood and shattered bone littered the steps, as the the poor girl became almost unrecognisable.

Meanwhile, Cheryl smiled as she continued to walk away, taking the occasional opportunity to admire items in some of the shop windows.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



He watched the rain,

Decending softly from heaven,

As his thoughts turned,

To the soft tracing of tears,

As they fell from her sorrow filled eyes.

He listened to the sound of Nature’s breath,

Softly whimpering through the tree branches,

Reminiscent of her sobbing cries,

Wrapped loosely in his arms.

So many triggers within his everyday life,

Pulling on the emotional coils of his soul,

Taking his thoughts forever back to that day,

The day he said ‘Goodbye’.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 



For any of you following my mini-series on here, or just like some of the rubbish I post, more apologies for the lack of it the past few days.

Sunday I was struck, for the first time ever, with the most excruciating headache. It put me on my arse so badly, I spent the entire day in bed trying to sleep it off.

Thankfully, come Monday I was over the worst of it, and though foggy brained, I was back in work for my day job. Good job too because had it persisted, and my history of suffering a bleed on the brain/stroke, I’d have been straight off the the Dr’s to get it checked.

I would say that this was a mother of all migraines, and she bit like a bitch. All goes well, I should be back later with another installment of the fantasy story.




There is no longer desire within my heart,
Just an aching sense of wanting to be alive,
For all the years I’ve walked alone,
My un-noticed existance makes me think I’m dead.

Nothing more than a ghost in the shadows,
Another nameless one in the crowd,
Am I just a number to be known as?
Another face that one one sees?

I doubt there’s a time when I am noticed,
Feel blood course once more through my veins,
I shall forever be lost within the masses,
Confined to walk the world a lonely man.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


I fell for a nightmare

Seduced by your charm
Taken in by a smile
Your reassurances sincere
As my defences are put down

Always the woman of seduction
Amongst the company of others
Friends tell me I’m lucky
To have found the perfect one

But behind closed doors
Your more witch than seductress
I suffer in silence the anger
You vent to the one you love

I have covered up the bruises
Wiped away all the tears that I’ve shed
Too scared to run from this nightmare
Haven fallen for a woman I no longer know

Copyright: authorchrisbrown