Progress doesn’t come easy

Conflicting emotions at the minute with respect to the direction my writing is heading.

I’m currently devoting time to various projects that seem to have differing excitment levels among those that follow my work.

▪ A collection of stories that you guys inspired with your random objects and genre.

▪ Fantasy based D&D romp that will be my longest book to date.

▪ Book Two in the Lucia series.

▪ One for those that enjoyed 31 Sleeps and tells Sam’s Story.

▪ Standalone. The book long time in the writing that is so near and yet so far from completion.

I know already those that will encourage the completion of Standalone, and I really want to bring you that story to the best of my ability.

Stick with me guys. I know there hasn’t been anything for a good while, but I am getting there. Honest!


Tea & Poetry

How on earth can the first cup of tea taste so amazing, and yet you make a second straight afterwards and it tastes nothing like the first! So I leave you a little poem, Babbling Brook.

The babbling brook
My hunting ground
Teaming with life
Ready to be captured

The Dragonfly
On delicate wing
Never sitting still
Requires much patience

The butterflies
Much easier prey
So many choices
Never a wasted shot

Different water life
Amphibians and fish
Shy and well hidden
Demand keenest of eye

Birds in the trees
My ultimate goal
Caught whilst hunting
Relies on generous luck

The babbling brook
My favourite place
Armed with a camera
Time simply filters away

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Sex and words about it

I will neither apologise for the words I write, nor the feelings and emotions expressed by those that read them.

Yes I write about sex, erotica as well as observations about women, and post it here or on my author page. You have the choice of reading what I write, or passing it over or even deleting me if you’re that offended.

My goal is put a smile onto the faces where maybe one was lacking. To spark a fire where only ashes smoulder. I’m not deliberately trying to offend or shock people. Just putting into words what most of us do regularly, or at least dream about doing.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



People tell me that I developed a very pessimistic view on life as I’ve gotten older. In truth, I think this started at birth. Trouble starts from the day of birth when as a newly born we start crying. That clearly signifies that us newly born are suddenly forced into hell. A hell in which, life eventually screws you over, and old age and Death are a certainty. Pessimist? No, realist!

I think the only way to have an optimistic outlook on life, is to live in a Utopia of one’s own little bubble. Free from the negativities of media, uncertainty over the state of the planet and the constant fight against this, that and the other. Sadly life doesn’t allow us such privileges.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Dare to Dream

I saw part of a programme the other day about dreams, goals and aspirations. It was interesting to hear from a broad spectrum of people about those that achieved theirs, those that gave up and those still chasing.

I am Chris Brown and I had dreams. Some have come true, like being married to someone crazy enough to love me despite my flaws. To be a dad to two wonderful children and have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table.

Some I’ll never see come true. Being the best at what I do, because no matter how hard I try and as much effort that I expend, for some it’s just not good enough.

I may never retire financially secure, be recognised for that which I’ve given or pass a legacy to my children they’ll be proud of.

I’ve changed my dreams, set my sights on different ambitions to those I may have originally aspired, but the thing is I dared to dream. I’ve tried being a success, and though I may not of reached the dizzy heights of others, I dared to try.

When the time comes and I’m asked what did you do with your time, my answer will be “I tried to dare to dream.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



I am a nice person. I don’t care if you’re tall or short, skinny or fat, maybe even somewhere in between. I don’t care if you’re male or female, you’ve swapped it round or maybe haven’t yet decided. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay or any other kind of sexual. I don’t care about the colour of your skin, eyes or what colour you’ve changed your hair to this week. You could even be bald. The fact is, you breathe as I do and bleed the same when cut, that no matter what combination of those things I’ve mentioned above you are, your shit will still stink.

If like me you consider yourself a nice person, be nice to others. One day you may need the help from that very person you poked fun at.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


I’m done

I need to make them stop,

The voices and the visions,

I’m going deaf as well as blind,

Yet I cannot shake them.

So I call time,

Close the doors.

Perhaps when I stop listening,

Stop paying attention to them,

They will leave me alone to focus,

Because for now……..I’m done.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Mind Mumble: Spark

It is almost impossible to explain the thought process that goes through my head when I see, hear or read things. The most random of things can suddenly invoke a crazy thought string that, before I know it, evolves into a winding magical story that even I don’t know the ending of.

Perhaps I’m blessed with a touch of the bard, or maybe just the court jester. I’m certainly no fighter.

Alive in my mind are a million or more stories waiting to be told, waiting for that spark of inspiration to unleash them into the world. Who knows what that next spark will be, maybe a song or walk in the crisp winter air. It may even be one of you.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown