Brave the Shave = The Results

For those that follow me here on WP know that I love rock and heavy metal, and that I had a full beard with long hair. You will also know that I decided to raise money for Mcmillan Nurses in memory of my late mother who sadly passed away last year.

Well here you go folks, the new less hairier look:



When your fears turns to tears, and dreams crumble into decaying debris.

When salvation becomes the barrel of a loaded gun and you drink your poison to numb the pain.

When every fibre of you soul is manipulated like a marionette’s strings, pushed and pulled beyond you will.

When a heart doesn’t break, but it cracks and shatters into millions of pieces lifting into the night sky to join the stars.

When the words have been spoken and all feelings gone.

That is when it’s the end.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Finding Reason


To my left stands an Angel tending to my tears. “What did you do?” she asks soothingly.

On my right a Devil. “It’s not your fault!” he says rubbing my shoulder with his talloned hand.

Like an island isolated by a maddening sea, I stand resolute understanding their words, yet let them fall upon my ear, waves upon a rocky shore.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Brave the Shave 2019

This me. A hairy tattooed lover of heavy metal.

This time last year my mother passed away after a brief battle with cancer. In her honour, and to raise money for the Mcmillan Nurses who eased her pains during her stay in hospital, I have decided to undertake the Brave the Shave 2019.

The long hair and beard will all go, and be donated to a charity that makes wigs for cancer survivors.

My hair loss will be temporary. The loss of my mother permanent. If you can, and only if you can, spare a little loose change to make a donation, it is all going to such a deserving cause.

Thank you for just reading.



Upon your leaving,

A distinctive shape of you,

Remained gaping as you left my heart.

Time heals

Makes you forget

Then a passing figure

A glimmer of remembrance

Eyes that pulled me in

Distance parts you

Out of sight out of mind

But I remembered you

A twinge in my rebuilt heart

You walk away

Leaving me a ghost to my emotions

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



I feel the hurt portrayed in your eyes
The spiralling descent into nothingness
An abyss of depression
The fight lost
Over as exhaustion consumes you

The rut you were once in widens
Looking up from a chasm of constant similarity
Everything’s the same
The wheel of time turning
Fragments of yourself trodden underfoot

There is no anger to consume you
The fires of emotion extinguished long ago
An empty shell
Meandering along
Trapped like a slave to a life confined

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Last Day 18+ NSFW

6:00 am The regular morning alarm sounded under his right ear, the location of his phone under his pillow as usual. He looked at his wife still asleep next to him and juggled the decision of waking her by sucking upon her breasts, or going down on her. He opted for the latter.

6:10 am She was sat riding his cock after being given the most amazing wake up orgasm with his tongue, determined now to make him fill her with his hot cum.

6:30 am She lay thoroughly satisfied upon the bed, sleep threatening to consume her as he had. He smiled and headed to the bathroom to prepare for work.

7:00 am Grabbing his coat and keys, he leaves the house, silently so as not to wake her. Getting into his car, he turns up the music and sets off for work.

7:25 am He finds himself in the usual nose to tail gridlock of snail paced traffic, looking forward to the next hour of nudging slowly towards the day ahead.

8:42 am Arriving at work, the usual eye roll of contemplation is replaced with a warm smile. He’s greeted by Alice the company secretary in her usual cheerful manner. He reaches out for her to take his hand, to which she curiously obliges.

8:45 am Alice is bent over within a bathroom cubicle, pants around her ankles as he eats her pussy from behind. She was young and fresh, completely shaven and sweet upon his lips. Moments later he was deep inside her, grabbing at her tiny perky breasts. He wasn’t sure if it was the best sex she’d had, but she sure as hell made encouraging noises to suggest it was.

9:37 am He left Alice to straighten up, making his way to his to his desk and the pile of paperwork waiting for him. In a moment of what could be called complete insanity, he threw the entire pile up in the air and watched smiling as it all came cascading down around him.

9:40 am He leaves the office for the final time and gets back into his car. Turning the music up to max, he just drove.

**Meanwhile, at the same time, a scream erupts from a familiar bathroom as a wife discovers her husband has taken with him all of their toilet roll**

Copyright: authorchrisbrown