I’m done

I need to make them stop,

The voices and the visions,

I’m going deaf as well as blind,

Yet I cannot shake them.

So I call time,

Close the doors.

Perhaps when I stop listening,

Stop paying attention to them,

They will leave me alone to focus,

Because for now……..I’m done.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Velvet Rose

I gave my love a silver ring
Said “It’s you that I adore”
She placed it in a trinket box
Then threw me out the door

I gave my love some sweet perfume
She fumed “You think I smell?”
I threw myself right out that door
Before she gave me Hell

I gave my love a chocolate heaven
Sweets from all round the world
I slammed the door and ran away
As each one at me she hurled

I gave my love a single rose
Of deepest velvet red
She pulled me in and closed the door
Then lead me to her bed

It’s not that easy being a man
Knowing just what gift to give
But persevere, you’ll get it right
And for the rest they will forgive

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


A New Lover? 18+ NSFW

She was always there, unassuming yet reassuringly so. It was comforting to know, but he wondered if she she really knew how much he appreciated her.

She gifted him, without prompting or pleading, an occasional image of her intimate treasure trove, and to these he found himself reaching climax whilst thinking of her. Thinking that he should bring her out of the shadows, reveal to her the way she makes him feel.

There was very little doubt in his mind that they would be fantastic lovers, for he had fondled her breasts, fucked and eaten her pussy so many times in his thoughts and dreams, but would they complete each other?

Was the better scenario to be occasional lovers in a life of non-commitment? Or were they destined for something greater, something more….. permanent?

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



The vulture that was work did not notice his downward spiral and inward screams of pain, instead carried picking away at what was left of his battered and bruised carcass. “One day,” he thought as the last remnants of his sanity evaporated to nothing. “I’ll look back and ask myself ‘was it worth it?'”

Today can be summed as: Standing precariously upon an old wooden chair, the hangman’s noose around my neck. The sun shines and a gentle breeze kisses gently my face, though my mind is too focused to appreciate it. Any minute now an unseen foot is going to kick away the chair, and as I swing within the last throws of life I’ll think, “What a lovely day!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Dick Pics

So there I was talking to a lovely lady online, and things were going amazingly. Out of the blue she asked if I’d send her a couple of dick pics. Well ok I thought, bit weird, but whatever.

I sent three: Whittington, Turpin and Van Dyke, thinking those were probably the most well known.

Not sure that it impressed her much though, as I’ve yet to hear back from her.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


One year on

So thank you wordpress for informing me that it has been one year since that first post. A year in which I grown friendships, and lost friendships. It tells me that there is an obscene number of people following my ramblings, and some of which actually take time out of their busy lives to read, like, and sometimes comment of that which I’ve written.

You all make me feel humbled, and I’m touched and honoured that you would do such a thing.

We finally have a service date for my late mum, may she forever now rest in peace, and whilst I’m still hurting inside, I feel getting back to posting regularly would be want she would want.

I know she was especially proud that I’d realised a dream and had my books published, so I feel I need to honour that fact by pushing on in getting those I’m currently working on, out to a wider audience.

So thank you wordpress family, for staying faithful and with me through my absence, I promise to return towards the end of April with more of what you’ve come to expect and enjoy from me.

My love and light find you always.