Writing Challenge #3

To write a story in the Horror genre that must include the following words: Lava Lamp & Latex Gloves

As a collector and shop owner of ‘Old Curiosities that won’t kill your Cat’ I was accustomed to the occasional object that I myself found curious.

For all intense and purposes, it appeared to be your bog standard lava lamp that could be bought for next to nothing in any bargain store. But instead of being encased in mass produced plastic, this particular specimen was intricately adorned with metalwork of high quality and shaped as an ornate hour glass.

Also unusual was liquids inside, as instead of the two tone bubble action seen in ordinary lamps, this was filled with a swirling blackish grey smoke that spiralled and convulsed differently depending upon which way up it stood. There wasn’t any evidence of a power supply either.

Donning a pair of latex gloves so as to not inadvertently mark or damage the piece, and akso protect myself from any nicks or scratches, I began scrutinising the object in more detail. That was when I saw the first one.

A grotesquely deformed face peered at me briefly from within the lamp before being consumed once more by the smoke. This was obviously some quirky Gothic or Halloween inspired artifact. Another appeared as I turned it looking for where the batteries were located, each time lingering only briefly before disappearing into the smoke.

Believing I’d found the power source I turned a small latch, almost invisible amidst the metalwork frame. A deafening hiss filled my ears as I watched paralysed the smoke begin to escape the lamp.

Suddenly it burst open causing me to drop it upon the shop floor. It span violently before then sitting itself upon one end. The escaping smoke began to swirl around me along with the faces I’d seen and hundreds I hadn’t. 

Terror began to flood over me as the smoke starting filling my lungs making it impossible to breath. The faces began laughing as they whipped themselves into a frenzy, and I felt myself being dragged down towards the lamp.

I could feel my skin convulsing and joints compressing. There was no escape. I too would become a grotesquely disfigured face within the lava lamp. I then watch as my body sheds my head, only for it to be replaced with another. A face from the lamp, but instead of it being deformed, it looks like me.

Everything goes back.

As a collector and shop owner of ‘Old Curiosities that won’t kill your Cat’ I was accustomed to the occasional object that I myself found curious….
Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Mystic Rose ~ Alternative Version

From the first day I saw her
I knew she would be one
The way she smiled when she looked at me
Meant she would be putty in my hands

I asked her for her name
And she replied with a wry grin
“It can be anything you want it to be”
So I said “You’re my Mystic Rose”

She asked of me why
Would I give her such a name?
“Because your beauty matches any rose,
And of you I know nothing at all”

“Then Mystic Rose will be my name”
She smiled and took my hand
We wandered down a secluded alley
And it is there that I parted her of her life

I was long gone when the whistles sounded
Another woman of the night found dead in the streets
She was my third to parted of her sin
The most beautiful of all, my Mystic Rose.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


The Lake

The idea seemed like a good one. The night was still as hot as it had been during the day, so a chance to cool off with a late night in the lake appealed greatly. The three brothers headed off quietly and quickly so as their parents wouldn’t have a chance to stop them. Parents always had a way of spoiling fun.

The sound of the water lapping against the rocks could be heard from a good distance as they walked along the dusty track, but there was another noise mingling with it that couldn’t be recognized. They approached at a cautious pace.

The closer they got, it became clear there was a strange almost glowing fog lingering over the water and the strange sound was that of blades on ice. It was coming from a strange couple seemingly ice-skating across the unfrozen lake. They were dressed in what the boys thought were victorian attire and they were mesmerized they their ethereal presence.

The two skaters continued their dance across the lake until they were but a few feet from the three brothers. The pair looked straight at them and where a smile first graced their ghostly faces, it soon turned to sneers bearing fangs like small sharp daggers and their appearance in turn changed to haggard rags.

Snapping immediately from their trance, the three brothers screamed in terror and fled for their lives. They never returned to the lake, neither by day or night, nor did they speak to others about what they had seen. It was a secret they carried with them always.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Short Horror Story

I was dark. By the music playing on the radio, the talk show had ended meaning it was gone 2am. It suddenly dawned on me that you were no longer beside me.

Panic began to wrack my body, as dark thoughts germinated in my mind of what had become of you. Suddenly the flush of the toilet dispelled such nonsense.

Rolling over, I awaited the pull on the duvet and the unmistakable motion of you climbing back into bed. Neither happened. As I reopened my eyes expecting to peer into the darkness for your arrival, I was confronted with a vision of nightmares.

The momentary stench of decaying flesh on its breath, the blood covered array of fangs it displayed as teeth were nothing compared to the dark swirling pools that were its eyes.

Transfixed in silent horror I watched as previously unseen eyelids closed and reopened, moistening its eyes and causing the whirls to momentarily cease.

Time almost stood still, as if we were both in some way eyeing each other up, but my fate had already been decided. A single lunge took the air from my lungs, the first engorged bite my life.

I watch, looking down upon this beast of nightmares as it devours the now empty vessel that was my body, as I drift ever upwards towards salvation and your waiting arms. That’s when I saw that it changed into you!

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Sat in the dark, total silence except the sounds of night creeping in from the open tilted patio doors, and I’m drinking my last cup of tea of the day, enjoying a moment of calm.

Suddenly, and almost in unison, all three cats get spooked and run from the room, their tails high and fur fluffed. Then as I tilt my head to see where they’ve gone, I catch a glimpse of something pass in front of the mirror on the wall. Except, I’m the only one in the room.

I put it down to tiredness, the cats probably chasing a moth or similar that’s found its way in. I take the last mouthful from my cup, only to near drop it as the sound of something scrapping down the walls of the chimney, behind the electric fire.

Frozen scared I wait in fear, unable to move. A moment later and the picture that sits on the mantlepiece turns around by itself and I’m now convinced I’m no longer alone.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown