I would hate to be,

Just another clone,

Of everybody else,

Content in living through, 

Someone else’s story.

I want to cut my own path,

Have my voice heard,

Be recognised for who I am,

The architect of my own design,

I just want to be……… me.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Writer / Author

So I’ve started writing my novels again. It been quite a while since my last book was released, and so I’ve been feeling rather guilty about neglecting that side of things.

In all fairness, I never dreamed starting a blog would have been so widely appreciated by so many. I’ve just passed 300 followers and have had some remarkable comments with respect to that which I’ve posted. I must admit, I do love telling a good story.

And so with me returning to the lure of the next Chris Brown novel, it may mean my presence here will be somewhat diluted. I will endeavour to catch all of your posts though, as I find them not only enjoyable, but inspirational. I’ll also try and keep you up to date with any new snippets or poems.

Thank you all. Please feel free to discover any older posts you may not have read, and I look forward to your continued friendship and support.

Much love: authorchrisbrown 


Writing Challenge #9

ThIs challenge was to write a Story in the Fantasy genre but must use the words: Vanish Shampoo Carpet Cleaner. Oh boy!

The ranger looked outwards from the campfire, worry set deep within his eyes. Something troubled him, something the likes he’d never encountered before.

The rest of the party mocked his over sensitivity to the world around them, favouring instead to fill their bellies of rabbit and pigeon. But even Altiaire the wizard seemed somewhat subdued whilst delicately nibbling the meat from a rabbit leg. Every now and again he would glance upwards and mumble some incomprehensible words.

“Okay! What’s got ya all hot under ya quiver Ranger?” asked Gromdil the dwarf. “Your puttin me off ma food!”

“There is a shift in the seasons,” relied the ranger, pointing eastward. “Though it is no weather I know of.”

“The Ranger is right. We must hasten to shelter,” added Altiaire.

Throm the barbarian and Drax the theif merely looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Upon the eastern horizon, as the packed up there belongings and stowed as much meat as they could carry, the witnessed what appeared to be snow hastily blanketing the ground to the east. It was headed there way.

“This be no snow I know of,” bellowed the dwarf, ” and I know snow.”

No sooner had the mysterious snow fallen, it was followed by dark clouds and a deafening storm.

“Look at the trees!” exclaimed Drax. “They’re bending back towards the storm!”

“I fear sorcery is at hand,” shouted Altiaire, struggling to make himself heard above the wind. “Quickly, we must hurry!”

*   *   *   *

In an alternate universe, Sam’s mother had just covered the floor with her Vanish Shampoo Carpet Cleaner and was busy hoovering up before tea.

“Sam!” she called out. “Come and move these toys before you lose them to the vacuum.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Writing Challenge #8

This challenge was to write a piece of Poetry about a refrigerator.

The dark veil of night,
Saturates my room,
From deepest slumber,
I awaken abruptly.

Careful footsteps,
Avoiding undue noise,
To awaken others,
Would curtail my plan.

Down wooden steps,
Into darkness further,
A nightfall quest,
For treats denied.

The refrigerator door,
Opened to light illuminating,
A heavenly glow,
To the treasure inside.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Writing Challenge #2

To write a Sci-Fi story that must contain the following words: Whisk & Neoprene Knee Support.

Caught amidst the crossfire of two opposing forces hell bent on destroying each other, wasn’t exactly the kind of rebellious run away he had in mind.

These weren’t no tippy tappy ricocheting bullets, but full blown military grade, melt your face off, laser blasts.

Huge chucks of debris burst away from the remnants of once tall buildings as speculative fire strafed in search of a lucky hit. On several occasions he thought he’d been spotted whilst cowering within the shell of a burnt out land cruiser, such was the closeness of some of the blasts.

He had only explored the vehicle on a hunch that it had at one time carried medical supplies. Save from a few charred bandages and a neoprene knee support that looked as much use as an empty blaster pistol, there was little here worth salvaging.

As the battle ensued, he contemplated his chances should he break cover and run. He reasoned them to be ‘slim to none’. What he hadn’t factored in was being discovered by some kind of alien humanoid carrying a fallen comrade.

Upon seeing him, the alien let out a deafening scream. Tendrals span from the gapping hole that was presumably its mouth like some kind of primitive whisk sending ochre coloured bile everywhere.

His comrade had been hit and was losing a lot of blood. It too was ochre in colour making him wonder if those tendrals has tried cleaning the wound at some point. He’d been told some crazy stories about aliens.

“Here!” he said, pointing to bandages and knee support, gesturing as to how they should be used.

The alien replied in some indiscernible dialect whilst laying his companion down. It watched as he once again gestured as to what to do with the supplies.

Some of the stories had been wrong. Here first hand the myth about these creatures being devoid of compassion was being dispelled. He wondered how many others were false too.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Every woman tells a story. The secret is knowing how to read her.

The opening chapters start with her eyes and her smile. It is with those you discover if it is to be a romance or a thriller! If you find a connection to her tale, she will let you read on.

The middle chapters are told over the curves of her body. Here there is bound to be either happiness or sorrow. Read on to discover if there is a happy ever after.

Her heart is where you will find the end of her story. It will either break and cut her story short with an unhappy ending, or she will give it to you. That is when you know her story has not ended, but is just beginning.

**copyright authorchrisbrown**


Unleash Yourself

In the dark recesses of your mind

The burning desire to break free from conformity

Unleash the shackles of stereotyping

And run with gay abandon towards freedom

Rid yourself of self loathing

Discard the doubters and nonbelievers

Reach for the pinnacles and touch, take hold

See the reflections of yourself through a lovers eyes

Take for your own your hearts desire

Feast from the plate of lust whilst sipping from the cup of love

And do so unashamedly with a smile

For only then will you be at peace with your insecurities

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Four years ago today it all started. A bundle of nerves sat in Richmond library waiting to see if anyone wanted to read my first book.

By the end of it all I was so humbled, so touched that people actually went out of their way to pop in, part with their money and had me sign my name within their copy of my book.

Seems strange that I now have five books available to buy, and I’m currently writing six and seven. I may not be a household name yet, nor be wealthy from the books I’ve wrote, but it has been a fairytale journey so far.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown