Two young birds
Sat in opposite trees
They chirped
They cheeped
Each calling the other over
But the gap was far
The thought of flight
Scary to them both
Their thoughts consumed
With the fear of falling
Both blind to the possibilities
Of what may happen
Should they both then fly.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Options NSFW 18+

Presented with the two options, my thoughts fell upon the one least explored. However given how easily the tip of my cock entered her arse, perhaps I was wrong it that assumption.

Slowly I fought the little resistance offered as half of my shaft disappeared inside her. Her moaning was encouraging, and by the time I was three quarters deep, her hands were pushing against my thighs as if to say she could take no more.

Using the tip of my fingers I rubbed her clit hoping her excited juices would offer a little lubrication to the thrusting of my cock in her arse. Her hands gripped the bed sheets, climax washing over her as she showered my stomach and chest in her excitement.

With her deep in the throws of exticy, I took a chance at reaching my own. Lifting her slightly off the bed, her back arched, I gave her the final length of my cock. Buried deep inside her resulting in her screaming out loud in mixed euphoria and pain. With her my arms wrapped under her, I picked up a stronger rythmn my balls slapping against her.

Contorting and finding something to grip onto she gave herself to me. I groaned deeply at her moaning, the thick vein of my cock pulsing as my seed gushed into her. Again, she showered me with her excitement as she began to shudder uncontrollably.

I pulled out and lowered her beautiful body back onto the bed, where she continued to shake and moan fully satisfied. Perhaps after a moment of compose had passed, she’d allow me chance to explore the other option she’d offered me.


Brave the Shave 2019

This me. A hairy tattooed lover of heavy metal.

This time last year my mother passed away after a brief battle with cancer. In her honour, and to raise money for the Mcmillan Nurses who eased her pains during her stay in hospital, I have decided to undertake the Brave the Shave 2019.

The long hair and beard will all go, and be donated to a charity that makes wigs for cancer survivors.

My hair loss will be temporary. The loss of my mother permanent. If you can, and only if you can, spare a little loose change to make a donation, it is all going to such a deserving cause.


Thank you for just reading.


Sex and words about it

I will neither apologise for the words I write, nor the feelings and emotions expressed by those that read them.

Yes I write about sex, erotica as well as observations about women, and post it here or on my author page. You have the choice of reading what I write, or passing it over or even deleting me if you’re that offended.

My goal is put a smile onto the faces where maybe one was lacking. To spark a fire where only ashes smoulder. I’m not deliberately trying to offend or shock people. Just putting into words what most of us do regularly, or at least dream about doing.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Dare to Dream

I saw part of a programme the other day about dreams, goals and aspirations. It was interesting to hear from a broad spectrum of people about those that achieved theirs, those that gave up and those still chasing.

I am Chris Brown and I had dreams. Some have come true, like being married to someone crazy enough to love me despite my flaws. To be a dad to two wonderful children and have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table.

Some I’ll never see come true. Being the best at what I do, because no matter how hard I try and as much effort that I expend, for some it’s just not good enough.

I may never retire financially secure, be recognised for that which I’ve given or pass a legacy to my children they’ll be proud of.

I’ve changed my dreams, set my sights on different ambitions to those I may have originally aspired, but the thing is I dared to dream. I’ve tried being a success, and though I may not of reached the dizzy heights of others, I dared to try.

When the time comes and I’m asked what did you do with your time, my answer will be “I tried to dare to dream.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Competition Entry #5

Last one: Summer Brides

Lytham Book Club. Five avid readers brought together to share in their love of reading, wine and girly chit chat. Each one with a love of romance and a burdening desire for the perfect summer wedding.

Trouble is, each one has a partner less than enthusiastic when it comes to putting a ring on their finger and settling down, and so now is the time to take matters into their own hands.

Summer Brides is a feel good journey from cozy girly nights in, to realised dreams of walking down the aisle. But will all all five complete the journey?

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


One year on

So thank you wordpress for informing me that it has been one year since that first post. A year in which I grown friendships, and lost friendships. It tells me that there is an obscene number of people following my ramblings, and some of which actually take time out of their busy lives to read, like, and sometimes comment of that which I’ve written.

You all make me feel humbled, and I’m touched and honoured that you would do such a thing.

We finally have a service date for my late mum, may she forever now rest in peace, and whilst I’m still hurting inside, I feel getting back to posting regularly would be want she would want.

I know she was especially proud that I’d realised a dream and had my books published, so I feel I need to honour that fact by pushing on in getting those I’m currently working on, out to a wider audience.

So thank you wordpress family, for staying faithful and with me through my absence, I promise to return towards the end of April with more of what you’ve come to expect and enjoy from me.

My love and light find you always.