Conversation between Head & Heart

“Are the defences up?”

“Emotional barriers locked in place Sir”

“Head to Heart, come in Heart.”

“Heart here, what’s up?”

“You guys can get yourselves an early night. Nothing going to happen here, his flirting technique is way off!”

“Think we’ll wait a few minutes if that’s alright with you.”

“Whatever! He’s clearly hiding something. Am I the only one that’s spotted the white band on his wedding finger?”

“He could be divorced”

“If he’s divorced I’ll spent a day with the boys down in…….. Hey wait, what the…….HELP! Heart Ninjas!”

“Sorry Head, his words are speaking to us here in the Heart. Begin lowering the defences.”

“Heart I’m warning you!”

“Sorry Head, the Heart is taking over.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Not like in the Pornos  18+ NSFW 

Priss and Barbs decided that they’d do something extra special for the man in their life. Sitting him comfortably within his favourite chair, Priss offered her lips to his as she kissed him tenderly. Barbs knelt down and began unzipping his jeans so as to release his manhood that was becoming increasingly rigid by virtue of both women’s actions.

Suitably hard, Priss joined Barbs in kneeling before him as they both began playfully stroking his erection, smiling at one another waiting to see who would crack first and go in with their mouth.

It seems that both women gave the exact same signal as both went down at exactly the same time. A clash of heads ensued causing both to reel away in pain, whilst their man fought three emotions simultaneously; concern, frustration and humour.

“It never happens like that in the pornos,” he sighed.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown