Word / Genre Challenge #3

Word: Flip Flops

Genre: Dark Comedy

They were always within easy reach of my mother’s hand. No matter where she was, even though she wouldn’t be wearing them, they were always reachable.

I’m talking about those battered, once favourite, rubber and plastic foot attire. The ones where the toe separator has popped out, and though you push it back through the hole in the sole, it still pops right back out.

Not that you’d want to touch the sole, as it still has the indented remnants of your mother’s feet permanently ingrained upon them.

For years they tortured your hearing, the *thwack-thwack* as they slapped against the underside of her feet as she walked, then they filled you with fear if you so much as said a wrong word or misbehaved.

For something so light weight an un aerodynamic, they could be hurled with amazing accuracy to bounce off the back of your head when you weren’t looking, and heaven forbid you were close enough to be caught.

No amount of padding could numb the pain of those slabs of rubber being brought down with force upon young spungey naked ass cheeks.

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Little Jimmy looked intently at his mother as she started to explain that “nothing in life is ever handed to you on a plate…..” but before she had chance to finish, little Jimmy asked innocently “so are we having soup for tea tonight?”

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As he walked up behind her, his eyes travelled the long expanse that were her legs, mentally undressing her in his mind.

When she turned to greet him, all his dreams appeared to come true as she presented him with breasts he’d have happily suffocate himself between.

Sadly, her personality was a dull as a narcoleptic with sleeping pills. Alcohol was going to be needed, and lots of it.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Unlucky in Love

They say love can hit you at any moment, and that is exactly what happened to Lisa. He was tall, dark and mysterious, with a few rough edges that made him look all man. The only trouble was, he was dead! He had come out of nowhere and ended up sprawled across the windscreen of Lisa’s brand new car, which probably accounted for most of the rough edges….

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Romeo & Juliette 

“I need to tell you this. In all my years I have never met a woman that makes me feel the way you do. It is almost like being a love struck teenager, wanting to follow you around and seek validation of your feelings.

I want to do to you unspeakable things because I know you’ll exceed all of my wildest dreams.

I have to tell you ever day how beautiful you are, and every evening that my dreams are constantly filled only of you. I also want to wake before you do so that I may watch you as you sleep.

I need to tell you I love you, and look into your eyes and see that you know that I mean every word. Always have, and always will till death takes with him my final breath.”

“Sorry, did you say something? I got distracted by the TV.”

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