Writing Challenge

Story Challenge: Word and Genre suggested by Alexia ~ Strawberries and Erotica. There were quite a few obvious routes to go, but I decided to go a little off road with this one. Hope you enjoy!

Harry had had a crush on Eliza for more seasons than he could count. Bitterly cold winters had come and gone, and the baking heat of summers had been enjoyed by all in the fields also. But despite his best efforts, Eliza showed no interest in Harry’s existence and his heart was breaking more and more with each ignored approach.

“Why do you put yourself through it?” asked Harry’s best friend Thomas. “She’s never going to notice you.”

“I love her Tom. I always have.”

Thomas shook his head and went about preening his coat, “It’s going to take something pretty spectacular, and even then you’re just a field mouse and she’s a….”

“Don’t say it!” slammed Harry. “It’s know what she is, but that just makes her more beautiful.”

“Eye of the beholder I suppose.”

Harry scuttled to the fence that separated the giant’s dwelling and the field, then sat and stared towards the light that had just illuminated the immediate area.

“I have a plan!” he whispered rubbing his paws.

“If it means going anywhere over the fence, then I fear love has pickled your brain.”

“Strawberries!” said Harry. “She won’t be able to resist strawberries.”

Thomas immediately stopped cleaning himself and joined his friend at the fence. “Are you mad? There’s no way you’ll make it there, let alone get back with strawberries. What about the dog?”

“Not only will she see me, but she’ll be at my mercy to do with her as I please.”

Thomas pretended to throw up at the very thought of it. “Please, I don’t want to know.”

“We will feast on strawberries in between bouts of wild passionate love making under the stars as she gives herself to me.”

Thomas sniggered. “Not sure Eliza has ‘love making’ in her vocabulary, but she’s very good at giving herself.”

Harry heard nothing of his best friend’s jibe as he was already closing in on the giant’s house, a huge smile on his face as he honed in on the potted plant brimming with the succulent red fruit.

It was all to easy. Biting through an arm of the plant, making sure several berries would be secured, he pulled for all he was worth getting his newly aquired treasure back to the fence.

“I’m impressed,” remarked Thomas.

“Thank you, but right now I have a goddess to seduce.”

Harry carried his gift to Eliza’s home, refusing to stop and answer questions by those that saw him and admired his haul. Finally, everyone of his hopes and dreams would come true. He would finally win his love.

“Eliza!” He called out. “Eliza I have a gift for you.”

After a brief moment there was movement at the door and greedy eyes viewed the fruit with wanton lust.

“Are these for me?” asked a flirtatious female.

“Yes!” replied Harry his heart singing with joy. “But only in return for something you can do.for me.”

Eliza was twice the size of Harry and easily pushed him onto his back, where she continued to dominate and fulfil his every sexual fantasy. He was in a complete state of eternal bliss.

“I love you,” he blurted as the words gushed from his lips.

Eliza smiled mischievously as her face was awash with berry juice. “Oh darling, that’s nice for you, but it would never work. Just cherish our moment for what it was.”

Harry nodded out of instinct rather than rational thought. “Okay my love,” he replied before closing his eyes to sleep.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


When thought wander

Fraevon and Rohlen sat hunched atop the caravan, the morning rain having a decidedly colder bite to it than of late. The oxen trudged onward at their usual steady lumbersome pace.

“The icy fingers of Winter’s touch grip a little tighter,” mused Fraevon, pulling the blanket around him a little tighter.

“Aye. I’ve forgotten what it was like to have the warmth of the sun caress my cheeks,” replied Rohlen. “The sooner we find an inn or tavern the better.”

“You’ll not find the sun in there my friend!”

“No, but I’ll find something that will make me forget about the rain.”

“Do you think…..” Fraevon quickly rethought his question, instead reverting to silence.

“Do I think what?”

“Nothing. I was merely speculating.”

“Speculating? You mean, ‘Do you think I think Jax will have buried my sister so he may rejoin us soon?'” Rohlen paused and looked out towards the distant horizon. “I sense she is not yet at rest, and yet I have faith that he will do right by her. Do right by us.”

“Of course he will. He loved her.”

Rohlen snapped a stare back at the elf, his expression one that was full of distaste for the comment offered.

“Love! What did they know of love!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Rely on a Friend

As Jax approached the gate, he spotted a friendly familiar sight sat seemingly daydreaming away his time on guard. His was practically flying past as full gallop before the giant of a man realised.

“Hey Jax. What’s the rush?”

“Need to slow those following,” he shouted back turning to acknowledge Tiny Tim’s recognition of him. “Help a friend out!”

Jax continued to watch behind as the giant brought a halt to the party of horsemen that were now remonstrating profusely about being stopped in their tracks. The female witch hunter dismounted and focused her gaze upon Jax as he rode off towards the horizon, who in turn offered a doff of his hat as he put serious distance between them.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


The Hunter becomes Hunted

It was a cruel twist of fate, that with one of the Blucester busy gates within sight, Jax’s normally sure footed and composed horse reared, threatening to throw its rider unceremoniously to the ground.

A rotund heavy set man had barreled into the street from the nearby tavern, and found himself directly in front of racing hooves, arms waving protesting his innocence.

“Wooh!” called out Jax as he tried to bring the mount under control.

“Sorry I am. Move I must. So sorry!”

Every attempt to move found him faced with flailing hooves. Left then right, then back left again in pathetic apologetic fashion. The time lost trying not to trample to death the barrel sized man had allowed a small group of guardsmen the opportunity to seal off any viable escape.

“Kindly dismount your stead when your ready,” requested an officer who clearly stood out amongst them.

“I’m sorry I can’t do that,” replied a resilient Jax, still fighting his rearing horse. “I’m just not sure you’d understand the urgency for my need to leave.”

“Come down and we can discuss it!” The officer looked back up the road as the sound of other horsemen could be heard rapidly approaching.

“As respectful an offer, I must decline and make haste from those less agreeable than yourself.” Jax skillfully positioned his horse and urged it push on through the guards directly opposing his progress to the gates.

“Stop him!” bellowed the command, but all too late as Jax and his stead leapt at two unsuspecting guards and galloped onward with increased urgency.

Moments later, a group of heavily clad horsemen led by an unmistakable witch hunter followed hard in Jax’s tracks. “Pathetic!” hissed a female voice as she passed the hapless guards.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Hump Day NSFW 18+

Lisa was rapidly approaching the age where life was supposedly supposed to start again. The very thought made her feel that life was rapidly heading towards old age and menopause. Even a change of job hadn’t shifted her depression.

“Hey why the sad face,” smiled one of her new Co-workers. “It’s hump day!”

“What?” sighed Lisa, having never heard the term before.

“Wednesday. Middle of the week. Over the hump.”

Lisa secretly hoped that it meant something completely different. It had been a while after all. As her mind drifted, she felt two hands begin to rub her shoulders. Soft tender kisses on her neck really started her mind racing as her breathing began to get more shallow.

As the hands moved to reaching around and squeezing her breasts, teasing her nipples between pinching fingers, another set of hands began rubbing her upper thighs. They were lifting the hem of her skirt, flitting with lace of her knickers as they teased to pull them from her.

Leaning back fully on her chair, a moan escaped her lips as the feeling of her vagina being stroked threatened to consume her.

“You okay there?” asked her colleague looking on in amazement at the performance being shared.

“Oh yes!” Lisa replied readjusting herself and sitting back at her desk. “I think I’m going to enjoy Wednesdays.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Progress doesn’t come easy

Conflicting emotions at the minute with respect to the direction my writing is heading.

I’m currently devoting time to various projects that seem to have differing excitment levels among those that follow my work.

▪ A collection of stories that you guys inspired with your random objects and genre.

▪ Fantasy based D&D romp that will be my longest book to date.

▪ Book Two in the Lucia series.

▪ One for those that enjoyed 31 Sleeps and tells Sam’s Story.

▪ Standalone. The book long time in the writing that is so near and yet so far from completion.

I know already those that will encourage the completion of Standalone, and I really want to bring you that story to the best of my ability.

Stick with me guys. I know there hasn’t been anything for a good while, but I am getting there. Honest!


Punishment NSFW +18

Laid over my knee

Naked once soft white skin

Now red with handprint scars

Punishment for brattish behaviour

Tears cascading from pain felt eyes

Playing my emotions?

Large hands easing the pain

Firm powerful strokes across each cheek

A gentle writhing to guide my hand

Urging to be felt in places pleasuring

My hand falls heavy again

The imprint left in white

Upon her once again reddening skin.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Discovery NSFW +18

Scrolling through the plethora of like minded souls, dropping a ‘like’ or typing a response to something read that pulls on your mindset and urges interaction.

Then there are those that ‘speak’ to you personally on a connected level. The pages or blogs that draw you in with open arms, that without rhyme nor reason, have you pouring over every word. Hours spent back and forth in textualized conversation.

All too recently I discovered another kind. A visual kind. Normally I pass over the picture in favour of the word, but this had both. It was clever. To consume the text, I found myself devouring the image. Being aroused by the image. Dreaming of the image.

This is ridiculous. I’ve been aroused here by another, her words stimulating me as if touched by her alone, but never by an image. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and these sit somewhere between foreplay and intercourse.

I welcome the new discovery and all the sexual implications that arise from exploration, but yet I’m left wondering if I explore for the written thoughts, or more the enlightening visuals shared alongside.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



“Go forth and forge a new life with this your second chance. We shall return should you need our aid, until such time as you able to reach for the stars yourselves and find your way home.”

The chosen few walked their first steps upon this Earth to spark the Dawn of Man. Meanwhile the ship that brought them, sped across the galaxies to their distant home in the stars. Then they watched.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown