Little Jimmy looked intently at his mother as she started to explain that “nothing in life is ever handed to you on a plate…..” but before she had chance to finish, little Jimmy asked innocently “so are we having soup for tea tonight?”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



The soft undeniable sound of footsteps
Coming from the dark corner of the room
Slowly lifting the duvet higher
Cuddling onto teddy for comfort and protection

Closer those footsteps are now getting
Almost at the bottom of the bed
You scream as something tugs at the duvet
Footsteps run back towards the dark corner

A light switched on illuminates the room
Mum has come to see what’s wrong
The tears she wipes away with love
Reassuring you the monster’s gone

Dark again the room as she leaves you
You wait to hear those steps once more
With duvet high and teddy hugged in tight
It’s only sleep that finds you now

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Beneath the stars

Beneath the stars sits a loyal owl
With a firefly lantern in his beak
Guarding a grove where fairies sit
From the darkness where dangers sneak

Seated upon tiny toadstools
They read stories told in rhyme
While the owl stays his watchful vigil
Sanctuary shrouds them for a time

Beneath the stars in a small grove
Fairies read by lantern light
Within peace and virtual silence
Until the owl takes upon his flight

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Words/Genre Challenge  #8

This one, OMG what can I say about this one? Word (s): Mr & Mrs Frog in a Children’s Story Genre.

Mr & Mrs Frog lived on a large lilly pad that floated roughly in the middle of the garden pond. Their only neighbours were the goldfish that occasionally popped up to the surface to say ‘Hello!’, and the birds that chattered in the bushes and trees. They however, never said hello. Too busy doing important things way up high no doubt.

Once upon a time, the banks of the pond were lined with short grass, and the occasional splash of colour from flower clumps which attracted all manner of insects for Mr & Mrs frog to eat. Now the flowers had all gone, the grass had grown tall, and mysterious rustling sounds could be heard within.

Mr & Mrs Frog decided it was best to stay upon their pad, and remain within the middle of the pond, so as not to upset whatever lived in the tall grass. Worse still, becomes its breakfast.

But life had become boring. They remembered a time when they could swim to the pond’s bank, and explore the garden. It was so big that it would take most of the day, checking out all the wonderful sweet smelling flowers, and the different insects they attracted. Now all they had to eat were the same old boring ones that came to the water to drink.

When the snow began to fall, Mr & Mrs Frog knew that they had to move from their pad on the pond, or else become as frozen as the water. But what about the strange rustling sound?

“We must go,” croaked Mr Frog.

“I’m scared,” Mrs Frog replied.

“Me too.”

And so Mr & Mrs Frog swam to bank in search of shelter for the Winter. It wasn’t long before the came across a nice burrow of leaves.

“Oi,” said a small brown mouse. “This is my winter home. Go find your own.”

So on they hopped, a little deeper into the long grass. Next they found a lovely looking pile of twigs, all clumped together.

“Noooo!” hissed a family of small garden snakes. “This is our winter home. Go find your own.”

So on they hopped. Mrs Frog was getting more and more upset.

“Will we find our winter home?” she cried, wiping away a tear with her long tongue.

“Patience,” said Mr Frog calmly. “I’m sure the next one will be just right.”

As the sun began to set for sleep, and the sky began to get darker and darker, Mr & Mrs Frog could see a stone wall in front of them, a strange warmth could be felt coming from it. They explored closer.

A booming voice could be heard from the otherside. “It is lovely being in our new home. We can decorate over winter, then tackle the garden in spring.”

Mrs Frog looked at Mr Frog, her eyes full of tears and her beautiful big wide smile had gone. “Even the giants have their winter home.”

So they hopped a little further along the wall, trying to keep themselves warm from the falling snow. Suddenly Mr Frog stopped. He found what looked like a missing stone that created a hole in the wall.

“Hello!” he croaked. There was no answer.

Mr & Mrs Frog hopped inside where is was dry, as well as nice and warm, and settled themselves down.

Mrs Frog looked at Mr Frog, tears still in her eyes, but her beautiful smile had returned. “Now we have our own winter home.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown