Progress doesn’t come easy

Conflicting emotions at the minute with respect to the direction my writing is heading.

I’m currently devoting time to various projects that seem to have differing excitment levels among those that follow my work.

▪ A collection of stories that you guys inspired with your random objects and genre.

▪ Fantasy based D&D romp that will be my longest book to date.

▪ Book Two in the Lucia series.

▪ One for those that enjoyed 31 Sleeps and tells Sam’s Story.

▪ Standalone. The book long time in the writing that is so near and yet so far from completion.

I know already those that will encourage the completion of Standalone, and I really want to bring you that story to the best of my ability.

Stick with me guys. I know there hasn’t been anything for a good while, but I am getting there. Honest!


Competition Entry #2


Ten years have passed since that fateful evening in a back street pub in Manchester.

Four best friends, having experienced the highs of the roller coaster music industry, we’re now at the very lowest depths of it. From ‘Sold Out’ venues and worldwide tours, the handful of patrons that were there, seemed more content talking amongst themselves than hear them play. It was then that Mike ‘The Magician’ Williams dropped his guitar, and walked off stage.

Now, a paint mixer at B&Q, Mike has dreams of getting the band back together. Finding his former best friends, and pulling then from whatever mundane life they’ve falling into and putting on one last gig.

Revival is a heartwarming, and often hilarious story of rediscovery, friendships and never giving up on a dream.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown