Tell me….

“Tell me what it is you want,”

“I want to lay in your arms knowing that I am the reason you’re smiling. That we are not prisoners to time and that we are able to stay entwined within our embrace forever. I want to feel you love me.”

“Always and forever.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Just a Question

What is it to live these days?
I spend most of my time locked up doing the things that pays for the box I’m locked in.
And to make box more aesthetically pleasing, costs more money, and so spend more time working to afford the things I have no time to admire.
The friends I’ve made have become nothing more than recognisable text on a screen, that offer a worded “hello” or an emoji, that it becomes weird and awkward speaking, let alone seeing them in person.
My mind feels starved of stimulus, instead taking on board garbage from the television or radio, until my sanity snaps and I reach for yet another book.
Dark nights draw in early, weather’s still cold, and a warm duvet is often a welcome respite from the monotony of the day.
I miss laughter, the sound of pointless banter. I miss being sociable and getting together with like minded folk to discuss things of interest.
I miss hugs and I miss kisses.
Living alone, even with creature comforts of life, is lonely, ever so lonely.
So I ask again, what is it to live these days?

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Finding Faith

Life through my eyes 3

It wasn’t about finding some revelation
An euphoria moment that opened my eyes
I was taught the stories in school
By half hearted teachers that left me more questions than answers

Nor was it pandering to others
Changing of beliefs to seek favour in a new relationship
Afterall I was baptized as a child, and yet
Given the freedom to seek my own mind upon religion and faith

To many it seems incomprehensible
That in my days of loneliness and everything seems against me
I should have someone in which to offload
Not always in silent prayer, but in anger and frustration

There is comfort unleashing your feelings
To someone who will not judge or shout back
But will give you the benefit of a new day in which to find calm
To me, it has become more than religion but a relationship

Having faith that light will always follow darkness
That the power of song can lift and most flattened of moods
I would rather be looked at funny for finding strength
And shunned for seeking shelter in the arms of The Lord.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Life through my eyes 2

A searing pain picks away at old forgotten scars
Remnants of a broken heart shattered in a former life
Self-doubt and self-worth the evil twins
Reborn to surface and plaque me once again
As they did through years of betrayal and mistrust

And though for all the pain and hurt I was feeling
I harboured no malice or grudge in the direction of my wrong doer
Better to love and see them happy, than filled with tears
A new life to grow and enhance their family
Through sorrow and pain came compassion and humility

But then through darkness came stars
With the passing of the storm I saw a rainbow
From where once I was seen as intimidating and unapproachable
Friendship blossomed, the pain eased and the scars formed again
The shoots of romance sprouted and began to entwine

A magnificent rose, a beacon of shining light, showing me the way
I would dream of writing love letters on her body with my kiss
Worshipping her every footstep through a life untold
Giving her my all in exchange for her hand and a life as her partner
A union under The Grace of God till the end of our days

The evil twins still lurk in the shadows
Born of past failures and historic regrets
I still wear the scars of long time battles fought
But I show them proudly as scripture to my life’s endeavours
And know they will be read and remembered for good and bad in equal measure

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Absent for too long

Life through my eyes

My eyes are straining against the gloom
Another morning at the end of interrupted sleep
Mind too fogged up with thoughts and emotions
With no work to focus on, trivial things play heavy

There’s no point to getting dressed
So head downstairs to flick the switch on the kettle
More so out of habitual routine than actual desire
Lethargy has definitely taken hold as I stare blankly out the window

Resisting the urge to put on the TV, I turn the radio
For a moment all seems right in the world
Song fills the air and my mood is momentarily uplifted
Until the government COVID warning advert starts

The reminder that we are all confined to our homes
Grown adults grounded like naughty children
Presented with daily figures and new variant strains
Days become weeks, weeks become months

Social media rife with propaganda and conspiracy theories
Views and beliefs argued amongst one time friends
All too much for my mind to process and make sense of
I slump on the sofa and allow my thoughts fly to happier times.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


My Addiction

She was laid on the bed in a state of undress, her pose inviting and yet discreetly covering parts of herself she didn’t want him to see……..yet. He stood in the door way breathing in the fumes of her vape that she blew in his direction. He loved that about her. He’d mention something briefly in a conversation, and she’d remember in finite detail. Like the look over the glasses she just him. It was too much of a turn on.

He entered her room and, grabbing her ankles pulled her down the bed rotating her onto her front. His large powerful hand cracked across the arse leaving a stinging red mark on the cheek. She wimpered in extacy. Forcefully parting her legs, he brought her up so as to kiss her intently across her lips and inner thigh. Grounding loudly, she gripped the bed sheets tightly, muffling the sounds by burying her head in a pillow.

His hands cupped her breasts and, grabbing them tightly, pulled her onto his aroused state. She took him eagerly. For too long she had dreamed of being taken forcefully by him, and to feel him inside of her was pure unadulterated heaven. As their bodies entwined and writhed on the bed, she lost all sense of who she was. He left tell tale marks all over her body as they continued to gift themselves to each other.

When the deed was done, he held her him his arms refusing to let her go. Her body was shaking with exhausted excitement. Her dream had become reality. He promised with a delicate whisper that it would be forever be her reality.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


The Mirror NSFW +18

She stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at her naked body, tutting as her eyes saw flaws that only she knew where there. As she posed, trying to feel somewhat sexy, hands appeared into view and cupped her breasts. Fingers squeezed her nippels forcing a whimper of a moan as she closed her eyes. The hands began to explore her body, as she felt kisses being placed upon her neck and along her shoulders. Her breathing began heavy. Her own hands slammed as she braced herself against the mirror, her legs quivering as she felt herself being entered. Slow, forceful thrusts combined with passionate kissing as hands returned to grab her breasts. It didn’t take long to feel her juices gushing from her aching vagina as her lovers attention momentarily paused between deeper, more attentive thrusts. A loud uncontrolled, and primal moan escaped her otherwise panting lips, forcing her to open her eyes and thus dispelling her lovers touch. She stood looking in the full length mirror, bent over touching the glass. There was nothing wrong with her imagination, and judging by how wet the carpet was below her, nor her ability to make herself cum.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown