Writing Challenge 18+ NSFW

When dreams become Reality

Breasts are predictable. You can almost guess the shape and how they’d look, the only surprise being the size of the areola or how pert the nipple. I don’t think I’ve been left speechless by the wonderment of the female breast, maybe because you don’t have to look to hard to find a pair.

The vagina on the other hand is a magical gift. The formation of the lips, the presentation of whether it’s wearing hair or not, and how that hair is groomed……or not. It is has become the last bastion of sexuality advertising hasn’t used to sell or promote stuff.

So when you’re gifted a look at that sacred area by someone you have feelings for, well for me it turned a year long dream into reality. The small tuft of trimmed hair, and the beautiful lines that formed her vagina, both clearly viable through her sheer light blue knickers.

There were no more assumptions. No more wondering. She had gifted me a view of her breasts some time a go, but her vagina had been a holy grail. Until now.

The next dream to change, is seeing them not as a photo, but in person.

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Writing Challenge 18+ NSFW

“First Real Orgasm”

We enjoyed a healthy relationship, good foreplay and great sex. So often we would cum together gazing longingly into each others eyes, unless in the 69 position, when we both promised to be vocal in our appreciation of each other.

So why then, did it take almost eight years of this unanimously perfect union, for me to have my first real orgasm?

It began as a bit of playing around. I’d been fucking her arse, somewhere she doesn’t often let me play with, whilst playing with pussy with one of her vibrators. The sensation for me was extremely stimulating, especially given how often she consents, but mid fuck she asks me politely to stop.

At first I tried to convince her to keep going, but I could sense her getting more and more agitated. Eventually she rolled away snatching her toy from my hand, as I lay face down frustrated my head buried into the pile of pillows.

“Stop sulking!” she said.

“I’m not!” was my muffled reply.

“Yes you are. Here, how do you like it!”

She took her vibrator, still switched on and buzzing, and placed it between my ass cheeks. I didn’t know how to respond, but my lack of protest must have awoken a curious side in us both.

“You like that do you?” she asked softly, seeing if I was receptive to more than just the tip. It felt strange, it felt good. I lifted my ass to assist her.

She’d got more than half the length of of it in me before she started thrusting it in and out. At the same time wanking by now hard again penis with her other hand.

Was I secretly gay? Was it normal to have your partner fuck your ass with her toy? The sensation was like none I’d felt before, especially when my muscles clenched this toy inside me as my cock exploded in her hand.

I was exhausted. My legs shivered and I was unable to move. I truly believe that in that moment she’d unleashed my first real orgasm and in herself, found a new weapon at her disposal in our bedroom antics.

It only seemed right that I roll her onto stomach, lift up her ass and eat her pussy till she came.

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Tease NSFW +18

Waking up to my ideal lover.

She was sat at her desk writing again, no doubt one of those erotic scenes she gets herself off on. It must be fresh in her mind as she’s up writing early and still in her night slip. I wander over so as to read over her shoulder, but get distracted placing kisses upon her shoulder. She moans a little, but continues typing, so I place my hand around her waist, running my fingers over her stomach and up across her breast. She looks at me and smiles.

Whilst she continues typing her thoughts of hot steamy sex, I manoeuvre her straps from off her shoulders with my kisses. Her beautiful breasts, now exposed, become the focus of my kisses and her nipples being played with between my teeth. With one hand she begins encouraging my attentions by running her finger through my hair. Still with one hand she continues to type.

I pull her round on the chair, part her legs and begin rubbing her clit with my thumb, two fingers slowly slipping in and out of her soaking wet vagina. Her moans become more intense, but I cannot break her hold on still typing away.

My kisses switch from her breasts to replacing my fingers. Her lips pressed against mine, I insert my tongue as far into her as it will go. Flicking it up and down inside her, I wrap my arms around her pulling her closer until I feel her muscles tighten and both her hands gripping my hair tight. She’s stopped typing and about to cum in my mouth.

Soaking wet with her juices I suck quickly both her nipples, before allowing her to taste herself on me. We kiss passionately as her tongue plays with mine.

“Fuck me,” she whispers.

“Finish your writing. I’ll be upstairs in bed waiting.”



Part 23

“We head for Blucester,” stated the elf, waiting for everyone to gather.

“Far be it for me to tell you where or where not we should go, but Blucester doesn’t work for me.”

“Do you hear that?”

The four of them stopped momentarily and strained their ears for any out of the ordinary sounds, but the burning of the surrounding buildings was all that could be heard.

“What do you hear, elf?” blasted Tumbor impatiently.

“Hooves, possibly a dozen riders headed this way from Droxburg.”

“Then we should leave,” suggested Rohlen. “I’m not sure we could talk our way out of this one.”

Flexing his muscles and grinding his knuckles, Tumbor looked excited. “We could fight!”

“You want to fight a mounted detachment of Droxburg guard? The same guard that serve to protect the Princess for whom we are employed?” Rohlen suggested for Yulien to follow the elf. “Sometimes the battles you see, if looked at from a different perspective, are not battles at all.”

Jax pulled his rimmed hat down, masking his face from full view, and concealed his sword by pulling his ragged duster around his shoulders. “I shall follow, for now.”

Witnessing the others disappear into the darkness, the dwarf sighed heavily consigned to the fact he was going to have to follow.

“What must you do to get a decent scrap these days?”

The dwarf broke into a brisk walk, that turned into a run as he tried to keep pace.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Part 22

The stranger was tall, easily over six feet when stood straight. Glimpses of white blonde hair could be seen below his hood, along with a youthful pale complexion which confirmed him as being undoubtedly an elf. The question still remained, was he the elf they were looking for?

“We leave immediately,” he stated purposefully. “I suggest you gather your belongings. Dwarf! Do not dawdle in your gathering of the food. If you’re not ready, then I’ll leave you behind.”

“I’ll take no orders from elf!” blasted Tumbor, yet making his way to gather up his bed roll.

“And I’ll not be slowed by a rotund short legged dwarf.”

Tumbor was beginning to become more flush in the cheeks, his fists becoming more clenched by the insults of the elf. “Have no fear elf, I’ll match your stride.”

“Of that I seriously doubt. The amount of food stashed in those pockets of yours, they are like saddle bags on an ass!”

With that last insult the dwarf snapped, cursing in dwarven he made an attempted lunge towards the elf. Before he’d even moved an arrow was pointing at him from a loaded bow.

“Gentlemen please,” interjected Jax. “Are we not supposed to be on the same side? Fighting the same common enemy?”

“If your life depended on it fighter, which side would you align?” asked the elf still keeping his bow trained upon the now motionless dwarf.

“You have us outnumbered, but then I have known Tumbor here longer, albeit by a day or so.”

The elf smiled as he lowered his bow, slinging it back over his shoulder. “There was only me, but I would have clean struck you all before you realised.”

“Now of that I do not doubt,” Jax replied with a smile of his own.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Part 21

The twins, seeing a hooded cloaked figure holding the head of an arrow against the back of Jax’s neck, sidestepped so as to get a better look at the assailant. The dark garb he was clothed in occasionally caught the light of the burning buildings, however his features remained hidden under his hood.

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” he said in a soft, yet commanding tone. “At this moment a handful of arrows are pointing at you both from within the shadows.”

Tumbor having turned to see who the extra voice belonged to, reached up to unsheath his axe. “You said nothing about me!”

“That is because you’re mine!”

Within the blink of an eye, the arrow that was being held against Jax’s neck had been dispatched towards the dwarf, clipping his up stretched arm. Before Jax was able to react, another arrow replaced where the first had been. Tumbor lowered his empty hand.

“If you are indeed the elf that goes by the name Fraevon, then we were charged by the Princess to seek you out.”

“For what purpose would the human Princess have for razing Giver?”

Rohlen looked back in the direction of Tumbor, who simply shrugged his shoulders. “Burning the buildings was not part of the plan, but then being attacked by an old crone wasn’t either.”

“What became of Elenwen?”

“Dead! Departed, well her head anyway,” mused Tumbor, laughing at his own joke.

“YOU FOOL’S!” blasted the newcomer as he withdrew the arrow and broke from the cover of darkness. “In death she will be now infinitely more powerful than she ever was alive.”

“How is that possible? Dead is dead,” argued the dwarf still laughing at his earlier joke.

“You travel with a man that can summon fire to erupt from his hands and you ask how! Show me where she’s buried.”

“Black magic!” added Rohlen.

“Yes! Black magic, now the grave. Where is it?”

The five of them stood and looked at the mound of fresh earth, claw marks that were not there before, clearly portrayed the struggle of something trying to get out. A single deep scratch made the date on the headstone unreadable.

“We are no longer safe here,” said the stranger angrily turning his back on the grave.

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Part 20

“Let’s keep looking,” said Tumbor. “If there is another one if those things, best we find it quick.”

“Do you not think that if there was another, then it would have come to the aid of the old woman?” offered Jax. “Surely it wouldn’t have just let her die.”

Yulien began muttering something, over and over, not quite loud enough for the others to hear, but enough so that it grabbed their attention. Rohlen, converse in the art of lip reading, especially his sister’s, relayed what it was she was saying,

“Sisters avenge me! Is that what the old woman said?”

“Yes. Just before she died.”

Tumbor took some practice swings with his axe. “I’ll be ready this time!”

“We all shall,” said Jax.

The next house revealed the same fate had befallen them. Slowly decomposing entwined within feeding vines. So too the next, and one after that also, until they had exhausted all of the remaining buildings.

“So what now?” Jax asked, watching the dwarf as he headed back inside as to where they’d made camp.

“We should offer these people a proper burial,” suggested Yulien.

“I could forsee that,” Rohlen quipped.

“What are you doing Tumbor?” Jax watched as the dwarf carried a huge burning log towards the first house the opened.

“A burial? How about a cremation.”

Offering the burning log to the thatched roof, it didn’t take long for the whole building to catch, lighting up the night sky with orangey red flames and towering black smoke.

As the companions packed up their belongings, Tumbor went about setting the lumber mill itself ablaze. “Burn in Hell” he joked whilst standing back admiring his handy work.

“They will see the fires in Droxburg,” said Rohlen.

“Blucester too I’d wager,” countered Jax.

“Once again our diminutive friend fails to grasp the notion of discrete, instead bringing an entire army down upon us.”

Jax did not reply, for an unseen hand was holding a sharp blade to he back of his neck and was pressing it with increasing force. “Fraevon I assume.”

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