After half an hour of what seemed like maximum effort for very little reward, except for sweat pouring from every conceivable place possible, along with an unquenchable thirst, she decided to cut her losses and hit the showers.

If she didn’t feel body conscientious before, seeing other naked women, all toned, perky and hairless certainly rammed home her insecurities. The only logical explanation she could muster as to how they looked the way they did, was because they were exercising or shaving when other ‘normal’ women were sat watching the soaps, eating a family share size bar of chocolate all to themselves.

She found herself staring at one particular woman’s breasts, reminiscing, trying to remember if there was ever a time when her own breasts sat upon her chest with nipples pointing outward. It had seemed as though hers had always had a close bond with her stomach. They were that close, her nipples pointed to the floor as if hanging their head in shame.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Those words,

That erupt like literary confetti,

Wistfully playful upon a lover’s ear.

Speak them often,

Not just upon a day of celebration,

Or that day marked for lovers.

Make the truthful,

Allow them to gush forth from your soul,

Showering forth unguarded emotions.

Those words,

Three little with enormous conatations,

These words; I Love You

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Undelivered Letter

When I was a lot younger
Mummy and daddy used to be in love
Always kissing and hugging
But one day I’m not sure when
Things changed

They argued all the time
Would never spend time together
Forever shouting and crying
Daddy would leave for hours
Sometimes for days

But then mummy got sick
Had to spend time in the hospital
Daddy would look after us
Sitting by the hospital bed
I think they re-found love

Mummy came home much better
The house was filled with love again
Daddy left for work one day
Kissing mummy and me goodbye
But a car accident meant he never came home

Mummy cried almost every day
After the policeman gave her daddy’s belongings
There was a crumpled undelivered letter
Daddy must have wrote it from up in heaven
Because all it said on it was “Goodbye”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 



When you feel alone,
At night when the world around you sleeps,
Look towards the heavens,
For there I’ll be rejoicing,
At every breath you take.

But promise me my love,
You’ll not look for me during the day,
Because then I fear you’ll see me,
The broken star that missed a new day break.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


House Guest  18+ NSFW

I saw the eye contact between them and, though I’d admit it to no one verbally, inside I was a tinged with jealousy about being on the fringe of proceedings. Though the conversation was open enough for me to contribute, I wasn’t given so much as a side wise glance by either of them. Eventually I admitted defeat and slump back in my chair leaving them to it whilst helping myself to another large glass of wine. Well somebody had to, as neither of them had touched a drop.

It was with amazement that I watched as the man I loved moved to a position between my best friends legs. She did nothing to stop him as his hands ran tenderly along the inside of her thighs, lifting the skirt she wore to reveal a very pretty pair of lilac flowery panties. I don’t know if it was the wine or the sheer audacity of him that had me pinned watching things unfold before me.

Reaching around her, he pulled her to the front of the seat so that she was practically laid down at his mercy. Within the blink of an eye, those same panties I’d spied a glimpse of earlier were ripped from her and laying on my living room floor. His mouth pressed tightly against her now naked mound.

That burning sense of jealousy was now fighting a deadly duel within me as a sense of being aroused by the two of them threatened to consume me. I watched as her nails dug deep into the fabric of the chair upon which she now lay across, knowing that his tongue was alternating between being buried inside her, and flicking across her stimulated clit.

I watched her body convulse at least twice as she gave way to climax after climax, as his tongue was now joined by the passionate touch of his fingers. I could feel myself twitching and burning below the more she moaned at the attention he was giving her, and then more so as he offered his fingers wet with her juices for her to suck upon.

Just when I thought my conflicted emotions were about to get the better of me, my mouth dropped as he took the thick curved beast from within his jeans and slowly parted her lips he’d moments ago had his tongue inside. My heart raced as she threw her head back as his full length slowly entered her, her hands feverishly looking for something to grip tightly.

I watched frozen and yet never more so turned on as he gave her one hell of a fucking. Her body rocked, her breasts, still covered, were wobbling visably as he pounded ever inch of himself into her. Hard and without remorse, I got the impression he’d been building up the urge to fuck her for sometime. It had been like that with me in the beginning.

Half an hour he pounded her into that chair and she’d screamed and moaned through all of it. When eventually his muscles tightened and a final thrust held itself deep within her, thats when I knew he’d shared himself with her. I also became suddenly aware that at some point in their fucking I’d given in to desire and was rubbing my own mound to the point of climax.

It was only then that he looked at me, my fingers deep inside myself dripping wet. He smiled and helped my best friend into a seated position pointing out my situation to her. She too smiled as they watched me get myself off.

“Shall we take this to the bedroom,” he said, his tongue dancing with hers as theirs mouths teased each other in flirting kisses.

“Let’s,” I replied, ripping off my clothes as the two of them took each others hand and headed for the stairs. I took a last large swig of wine for Dutch courage, then followed them for what the rest of the night had in store for us.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



Sculpted by the Gods,

She granted my eyes a vision,

Intimacy of unparallelled beauty,

How my dreams have haboured,

To taste her wine from her cup,

To behold laid bare her bosom.

Yes she was sculpted by the Gods,

But she gifted herself to me.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Punishment  18+ NSFW

It was a foolish thing to have done, embarrass him in front of her friends. She knew there would be consequences. What she hadn’t thought, was that he’d punish her there and then.

Leaving the room for a brief moment, he returned with the rope with which he would quite often tie her to the bed. She watched as her friends conversed quietly, smiling and giggling like naughty school children as to what events would unfold before them.

Masterfully he pinned her to the chair in which she was sat and bound her tightly, removing any form of movement from either her arms or legs. He then proceeded to remove his already semi hard penis from his trouser fly.

Her mouth watered and hung open hoping he’d offer it to her, but he didn’t.

Her eyes glanced at her friends as they too hungrily eyed his stiffening cock, a tinge of possessiveness making her eyes squint towards them hoping they’d understand. They either hadn’t or didn’t want to as they positioned themselves for a better view.

As the first glistening bulb of precum formed on his bulbous swollen tip, she readied herself for the shower that would follow, hoping that some would at least hit her mouth so as to taste him. How she hungered for him, even more so knowing others were watching whilst she was constrained to do nothing.

She accepted that she’d be punished for causing him embarrassment, but was left seething as what was to follow.

She would not get to taste the seed of her man, not even the tiniest of drops, as he directed his projectile release towards her chest and lap. She was covered in his hot sticky cum and could do nothing about it.

Then her own embarrassment was to be felt. Putting away his penis, he joined her friends upon the sofa to partake in small talk as their eyes kept glancing at his bulge that was still very much present. She couldn’t believe he’d just leave her there, still bound and covered in him whilst engaging himself with their guests.

It was a punishment she was sure to seek revenge for later.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown