Word / Genre Challenge #4

Word: Paper Aeroplane

Genre: Thriller

Autumn had arrived to the streets of London, and with it brought a distinctive nip to the earlier darkening evenings. The lamplighter having already done his early rounds, the flame from the street lamps casting ominous shadows along the many alleyways and recessed shop openings, had retired to warm his belly with a small brandy from within the hospitality of The George.

Inside, whispers were rife of another gentleman of wealth being parted of both his coin and his life down by the docks. He had been the third this month, and the local constabulary were still no further forward in establishing a motive, let alone potential suspects.

The only thing each victim had in common, was their privileged social standing, and a plain paper aeroplane that rest upon each of their chests.

Some speculated that their deaths were attributed to the proposed plans for an airfield where many of the poorest families are currently housed, but there was no proof substantiating these theories.

With the death toll rising, all potential leads were proving as cold as the plummeting temperature.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Word / Genre Challenge #3

Word: Flip Flops

Genre: Dark Comedy

They were always within easy reach of my mother’s hand. No matter where she was, even though she wouldn’t be wearing them, they were always reachable.

I’m talking about those battered, once favourite, rubber and plastic foot attire. The ones where the toe separator has popped out, and though you push it back through the hole in the sole, it still pops right back out.

Not that you’d want to touch the sole, as it still has the indented remnants of your mother’s feet permanently ingrained upon them.

For years they tortured your hearing, the *thwack-thwack* as they slapped against the underside of her feet as she walked, then they filled you with fear if you so much as said a wrong word or misbehaved.

For something so light weight an un aerodynamic, they could be hurled with amazing accuracy to bounce off the back of your head when you weren’t looking, and heaven forbid you were close enough to be caught.

No amount of padding could numb the pain of those slabs of rubber being brought down with force upon young spungey naked ass cheeks.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Word / Genre Challenge #2

The word was: Plastic Bottle

Genre: Fantasy

“Well I’ll be honest,” said the merchant pawing at his wispy beard whilst turning the peculiar object over and around. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“That must make it valuable,” replied a cloaked figure rubbing his hands.

“I’ve never seen an Ogre turd, but I can assure you that fact doesn’t make it valuable. Where did you come across this strange vessel?”

“Let’s just say it was aquired.”

“Stolen! I thought as much.”

“Not stolen,” protested the objects owner. “Merely borrowed for research purposes.”

The merchant took a closer look at the clear, strange bottle. It wasn’t glass, as the sides could be pushed inward, and it’s weight was much lighter than anything of equivalent size. Some writing on the container’s base caught his attention,

‘Plastic Bottle: Widely Re-cycled’

Suddenly several figures burst into the Merchant’s Tent, each with an expression of frustration and anger.

“Jarrod of Breezewater, you pickpocketing swine,” said a heavily armoured knight, flanked by an equally armoured dwarf and robed elderly man. “I might of known that upon finding the bottle missing, you wouldn’t be too far from where it ended up.”

“Arkon! I thought I would save to the time and hassle in having the treasure appraised.”

“I want no trouble,” gestured the Merchant, backing away.

“The bottle then good sir,” replied Arkon holding out his hand.

“Certainly, but satisfy a curiosity if you may. Where did you find such a rare item?”

“I knew it was valuable!” muttered the thief.

“It was upon the banks of the river near Westerham,” declared the dwarf, earning a scowl from Arkon for his wayward tongue.

“Westerham? The location of the strange portal sighted but three moon’s back.”

“The same,” offered the old man. “We quest to find its source and the origin of the bottle.

Arkon sighed as he placed the strange object into his backpack. “Come, let us go for we have wasted too long upon Jarrod’s distraction.” He clipped the theif across the back of the head as he left the tent.

Jarrod was momentarily distracted from thumbing his newly aquired opal ring by the slap, but soon returned his attentions to his new prize.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Word / Genre Challenge #1

Write a horror that includes A Red Bikini Top.

The trail up to the mountain lake was, in places, rough going with rock and boulder obscuring the route completely. Many a hiker had been known to have wandered too far from the trail and as result require rescuing.

“This better be worth it Sam,” panted his long suffering girlfriend breathlessly.

“You’ll love it babe,” he replied, hopping over a large boulder from view. “The water is crystal clear.”

Laura sighed and struggled on in pursuit. Several minutes later she caught up with him staring at a piece of clothing hanging from a tree up ahead.

“What is it?” she asked.

“A red bikini top I think.”

“Great! Someone beat us here.”

“Someone topless!”

Sam received a swift punch this upper right arm, Laura not approving of the excited tone in his voice.

“Come, it’s just over there.”

The two made their way to a viewing spot, the clear tranquil waters of the lake sprawling before them.

“First one in’s a chicken,” shouted Sam as he discarded his clothes, semi running towards the water’s edge.

“Sam, there’s no one else here,” replied Laura, a nervous hesitation in her voice.

“Come on the water’s lovely.”

Throwing caution to the wind, she stripped down to her bra and knickers before joining her boyfriend in the water.

“That’s not fair!” he remarked, splashing her with a handful of water.

“It’s all you’re getting,” she replied returning the soaking.

It was at that moment an eerie mist began to creep across the surface of the water. The sky darkening and rain begining to fall.

“What the hells wrong with this weather. This wasn’t forecast.”

“Sam!” cried Laura. “I cannot move my legs.”

Sam thrashed as much as he could to reach his beloved, only to find he too was stuck fast.

“I’m scared,” she continued to cry, trying desperately in vain to free herself.

In a split second, from thrashing in the water, she disappeared as if being pulled under by something below. Sam screamed in horror her name. There was no reply. Moments later he too disappeared below the surface.

* * * * *

Months after the unexplained disappearance of the two lovers, several young teens stood staring at a tree in the distance.

“What is it?”

“Looks like a bra!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown