He ran his fingers through her hair, waiting for that moment when he felt she had succumbed to his playful teasing. Then gently he took a tight hold, pulling it back revealing the soft milky white skin of her neck. Kissing her tenderly he felt her body convulse at his touch, a sign that she was ready to give herself to him.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 



How does one begin to explain,

Something even I cannot comprehend,

There is now rational,

No rhyme nor reason,

Only the seeking of justification,

Validation after the event,

Because there is no manual,

No set of predefined instructions,

Nor warning in advance of impending self obliteration,

Like a twig snapping underfoot,

Or a switch sending a room into darkness,

It is spontaneous, automatic,

This all consuming and suffocating veil,

Rips away my masked smile,

Presenting my audience a darker side of me.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Writer / Author

So I’ve started writing my novels again. It been quite a while since my last book was released, and so I’ve been feeling rather guilty about neglecting that side of things.

In all fairness, I never dreamed starting a blog would have been so widely appreciated by so many. I’ve just passed 300 followers and have had some remarkable comments with respect to that which I’ve posted. I must admit, I do love telling a good story.

And so with me returning to the lure of the next Chris Brown novel, it may mean my presence here will be somewhat diluted. I will endeavour to catch all of your posts though, as I find them not only enjoyable, but inspirational. I’ll also try and keep you up to date with any new snippets or poems.

Thank you all. Please feel free to discover any older posts you may not have read, and I look forward to your continued friendship and support.

Much love: authorchrisbrown 


Old times sake

Tom began to rouse from his slumber conscious of a weight bearing down upon the lower half of his body, and a slight searing pain across his chest as if sharp manicured nails were being dragged across it. He tried to bring his hands up to his eyes so as to wipe the sleep away, but found them restrained making them impossible to move. The more he tried to open his eyes and adjust to the light, he found all he could see was darkness.

“Blindfold eh?” he said, smiling broadly. “Kinky!”

The pain to his chest increased, and although just about enjoyable, it made him wince that little bit more. As he did so, the weight shifted in a rise and fall motion causing him to become almost instantly aroused. Faster and faster the tempo increased until he could resist no longer. Arching his back he groaned loudly as he allowed himself to let go.

A voice whispered sofly, almost at a whisper. “You were amazing,” before trailing off into nothing. The weight had vanished, his arms could move again and sight returned to his eyes.

Tom looked over to his wife to find her blissfully asleep, the duvet tucked tightly around her. “What the fuck?” he whispered, rubbing at his chest. It felt wet, yet warm to the touch. Curious he made his way to the bathroom to investigate. It was blood, his blood, and it was smeared across his chest. Hastily he looked at himself in the mirror. There across his chest were four words deeply engraved.

“For Old Times’ Sake”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


The most beautiful ship I ever did see.

She was the most beautiful ship to have ever been moored in this port. Her sleek lines and well proportioned curves had me in awe of her majesty.

Day after day I returned to her mooring and dreamed fanciful dreams of how she’d sail, how she’d cut through even the roughest of seas at my control. It was as if she called to me.

Then one day a young bold captain stood proudly upon her deck. He took the wheel firmly and let out her sails ready to navigate her to new horizons.

I watched as the most beautiful ship to ever dock in this harbour, sailed away never to be seen again. But I still, and always shall, remember her.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown