The Request 18+ NSFW

It was a bold request, one I’d not seen coming, and wasn’t entirely sure I was comfortable with, but my feelings for her where to strong. The request, another threesome, but with her and her gorgeous hubby.

She had his blessing, so long as I stayed away from her vagina, that was just for him.

We both smiled at the knowledge that I’d been secretly screwing that tight little hole for months.

These was a timid introduction, before moving onto the bedroom. Removing my clothes as she did hers, I moved onto the bed. She then joined me, positioning herself laid on my chest, her back to me. I wasted no time in pulling apart her ass checks so as to fill it with my fully erect cock. Sliding up and down the shaft joyfully, I clamped my hands on her beautifully formed breasts to encourage her further.

Her hubby, slow to react was still removing his clothes as her first orgasm washed over her. Looking back in desire I kissed her passionately.

With her now soaking wet pussy inviting him, he joined us on the bed and slipped himself inside her.

As we found our rythm, I couldn’t help but feel this should be something her and I should try with my lover. I was fully aware of the fact she owned a lovely sized strap on.

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The vulture that was work did not notice his downward spiral and inward screams of pain, instead carried picking away at what was left of his battered and bruised carcass. “One day,” he thought as the last remnants of his sanity evaporated to nothing. “I’ll look back and ask myself ‘was it worth it?'”

Today can be summed as: Standing precariously upon an old wooden chair, the hangman’s noose around my neck. The sun shines and a gentle breeze kisses gently my face, though my mind is too focused to appreciate it. Any minute now an unseen foot is going to kick away the chair, and as I swing within the last throws of life I’ll think, “What a lovely day!”

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Dick Pics

So there I was talking to a lovely lady online, and things were going amazingly. Out of the blue she asked if I’d send her a couple of dick pics. Well ok I thought, bit weird, but whatever.

I sent three: Whittington, Turpin and Van Dyke, thinking those were probably the most well known.

Not sure that it impressed her much though, as I’ve yet to hear back from her.

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Timid Wallflower, Bedroom Slut 18+ NSFW

It was getting late, and all my mates had scored. They’d all left the party to continue their own personal get togethers elsewhere, leaving me looking like ‘Billy no mates.’

I wasn’t desperate, but it would have been nice not have gone home alone….Again. There were only a handful of women left, and without sounding sexist or mean, there was a reason for that.

I turned my attention to a rather shy looking lass, with a bookworm, nerd look about her. Perhaps it was the thick frame glasses, or the distinct lack of flesh on show below the neck. I offered to buy her a drink.

“Yes please!” she replied. “Vodka orange if that’s okay.”

At least she was drinking alcohol.

It was getting to that point in the night where if I didn’t make a move, the moment would be lost, and I’d be going home alone.

“Fancy going somewhere else?”

“What like, for a walk along the seafront?” she replied, innocence written all over her face.

“Yes, that sounds, erm, lovely.”

So there we were, walking along the pebbled beach, alcohol clearly clouding my judgement, talking about art and literature. All I really wanted was my bed.

“Shall we sit for a while?” she asked, practically pushing me over. “That way I can suck your dick.”

Did I hear her correctly, or was the tiredness and alcohol now playing tricks on me. Oh my god no it wasn’t. Down came my trousers and pants, and along with it her head.

Where had she learned these skills, taking my entire erect penis down the back of her throat? Occasionally she would stop to suck my testicle, but she continued until I’d cum.

“Now let me ride you,” she demanded, her demure voice suddenly changing to that of a common slut.

And rode me she did, ripping her tights for an easier access to her soaking wet vagina. I didn’t have to do a thing. She ride my cock as if her life depended on it, groaning and screaming as she came all over it.

Once finished, she removed what was left of her tights, and threw them at me.

“Clean yourself up, we’ll finish this back at mine.”

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