The soft undeniable sound of footsteps
Coming from the dark corner of the room
Slowly lifting the duvet higher
Cuddling onto teddy for comfort and protection

Closer those footsteps are now getting
Almost at the bottom of the bed
You scream as something tugs at the duvet
Footsteps run back towards the dark corner

A light switched on illuminates the room
Mum has come to see what’s wrong
The tears she wipes away with love
Reassuring you the monster’s gone

Dark again the room as she leaves you
You wait to hear those steps once more
With duvet high and teddy hugged in tight
It’s only sleep that finds you now

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



I am a nice person. I don’t care if you’re tall or short, skinny or fat, maybe even somewhere in between. I don’t care if you’re male or female, you’ve swapped it round or maybe haven’t yet decided. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay or any other kind of sexual. I don’t care about the colour of your skin, eyes or what colour you’ve changed your hair to this week. You could even be bald. The fact is, you breathe as I do and bleed the same when cut, that no matter what combination of those things I’ve mentioned above you are, your shit will still stink.

If like me you consider yourself a nice person, be nice to others. One day you may need the help from that very person you poked fun at.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Coffee Shop Date 18+ NSFW

I got to the coffee shop early, because I wanted to admire her walking up to me, and she didn’t disappoint.

Dressed in a lovely summer dress, she looked absolutely stunning and so I stood to greet her with a hug. I pulled her in tight, wanting to feel her breasts against my chest. God I wanted so badly so release them and suck her nipples hard.

Resisting I pulled out her chair so that she could sit, also to get a lovely view down her cleavage. I had to get my mind focused.

With coffee in front of us, conversation flowed as we discussed our love of writing. After several minutes I felt her bare foot pressing against my groin.

Would it be so wrong to take her here across the table. The urge to make her groan with pleasure and have her cum for me was becoming almost impossible to ignore. I needed her as soon as possible.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Web Master

He led her to a picture perfect representation of your stereotypical haunted house. Run down and derelict. Even the weather was causing a kind of ground fog that added to the spooky vibe. So why then did she follow him side?

The air was musty, and everything was covered in a blanket of dust, giving the impression that no one had lived here for years. The ceiling was covered in what at first looked like cob webs, but they were damp and in clumps like seaweed. The place sent a shiver down her spine.

“Are we supposed to be here?” she asked with nervous suspicion.

“Of course,” he replied whilst gesturing with his hands and bending his fingers.

At first she was unsure as to what he was doing, but it wasn’t long before she noticed the ceiling webs moving to his commands. They were dropping in long strands, then making their way back up again.

“Okay you’re freaking me out now,” she said turning for the door. “I’m going to leave.”

With a swift downward swipe a large clump of the wet unknown mass fell upon her knocking her to the floor. He stood over her smiling, moving his hands so as to control in some way the heavy weight that was pinning her down.

“What are you doing? Please! Let me go!”

“I can’t do that,” he replied with a sinister tone. “The family are yet to dine.”

No sooner had the words left his lips, he gestured to the ceiling once more. A large beetle type insect began to lower itself upon a strand of the web moving to the commands being given until it was lingering an inch above her right inner thigh. The short skirt she was wearing offering ample amounts of exposed flesh.

“Why?” she cried out. “Why are you doing this to me?”

With a snap of his fingers, the beetle lowered the final distance, sinking its twitching mandibles into her skin causing her to scream out in searing pain. No sooner had it bitten, he gestured for it to return to the ceiling once more.

Within minutes the wound began swell, blisting with a milky white fluid clearly visible beneath. The same milky white as the wet clumps on the ceiling. Moments later the wound exploded sending a stream of the web like strands up onto the ceiling, also causing her to scream in pain once more.

“Embrace it,” he smiled. “Your sacrifice is giving birth to new life.”

Her screams became much louder, much more full of fear as she could do nothing but watch as another beetle began to descend towards her face.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Uneasy Allies

Laughter was heard coming from the direction of the sacred stones, human laughter. Zystag gathered a cluster of his bray kin, and set out armed ready to confront those that would defile their beliefs.

A young champion, Olaff Strom Bane, and a handful of Reavers saw the area as safe sanctuary to rest and relieve themselves after hours of scouting the outlying area.

Zystag, in blind fury called out Olaff, as the rest of the herd surrounded the Reavers. It would be one on one, steel upon steel. For hours the pair fought trading blow upon blow, both equal in artistry of their favoured weapon. Each finding leverage, only of it to be snatched away. Eventually it was Olaff that began to succumb to exhaustion, suffering several near fatal blows as his guard was found slipping.

The brayherd champion saw either compassion, unheard of amongst their kind, or a means in which to benefit the herd, thus sparing the Reaver’s life in exchange of their loyalty and arms when called upon.

Clenching wrists, the pact was made. So tells the tale of how the Bone Reavers came to fight alongside the Brayherd as uneasy allies.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown