Tea & Poetry

How on earth can the first cup of tea taste so amazing, and yet you make a second straight afterwards and it tastes nothing like the first! So I leave you a little poem, Babbling Brook.

The babbling brook
My hunting ground
Teaming with life
Ready to be captured

The Dragonfly
On delicate wing
Never sitting still
Requires much patience

The butterflies
Much easier prey
So many choices
Never a wasted shot

Different water life
Amphibians and fish
Shy and well hidden
Demand keenest of eye

Birds in the trees
My ultimate goal
Caught whilst hunting
Relies on generous luck

The babbling brook
My favourite place
Armed with a camera
Time simply filters away

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Sex and words about it

I will neither apologise for the words I write, nor the feelings and emotions expressed by those that read them.

Yes I write about sex, erotica as well as observations about women, and post it here or on my author page. You have the choice of reading what I write, or passing it over or even deleting me if you’re that offended.

My goal is put a smile onto the faces where maybe one was lacking. To spark a fire where only ashes smoulder. I’m not deliberately trying to offend or shock people. Just putting into words what most of us do regularly, or at least dream about doing.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Curious 18+ NSFW

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked without a hint of compassion of sincerity. But then why would she, she was being paid regardless of whatever took place within the four walls of this dingy bleak hotel room.

He took her thick, hard penis in his hand, trying to give the illusion of being self assured and composed, however in reality he was trembling more than a young puppy whipped for fouling the carpet. Offering the tip to his Virgin ass, he braced himself.

An intense pain flushed over him as the thick shaft sunk deep inside him, and more so as it withdrew and thrust again. The was a strange sensation too. With each thrust he could feel her balls slapping against his own, his hardened penis swaying with the motions. It was quickly becoming a pleasurable pain and he couldn’t help but give vocal encouragement in the way of grunts and groans.

She grabbed his hips and held herself deeper than she’d been before, filling his once tight hole with her cum. He moaned gratefully as he accepted it all.

“Would you like to fuck me now?” she asked in the same clinical tone as before. “Or would you like me to just suck you off?”

He gazed at her large, false rounded breasts and she knew. Kneeling down, she placed his cock between them and waited for the inevitable release as a result of him fucking her cleavage.

“Well that’s that then,” she said wiping herself down with a nearby towel. “You’re trans sex cherry popped.”

He said nothing, preferring to dress in silence. Not through shame or guilt, but from a confused sense of his own sexuallity. They parted not saying another word, yet secretly knowing this would not be the late time they’d meet.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Handbag. Snippet from ‘Beaches, Boys and Forgotten Bras’.

Imogen finished getting ready and checked the contents of her handbag before heading out to the waiting taxi. Sunglasses, book, passport and tickets all there amongst the usual inhabitants of keys, makeup and other bits that had been thrown in over the duration of her having this particular bag. The secret to a good bag is that not only should it compliment any outfit, but also be deceptive in its capacity for holding not only all of a girls day to day needs, but also all the knick-knacks picked up along the way. Finally she was ready and locking the door to her apartment made her way to her waiting ride.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown