Bound by Rope

You bound my arms to confine my anger,
Contain my rage,
But I see the way you look at me,
No more scared than a cat of a dog,
You would fight your corner,
And probably win.

Rope you’ve used to restrict my movement,
To limit my fight back,
But it is not a war you want,
You’re yearning for a piece of me,
That which I would never give,
So you’ll take it anyway.

I’m bound by rope for your sadistic pleasure,
Your sexual satisfaction,
So enjoy this moment,
Savour how it feels to be within me,
To take of me my all,
All that I would never freely offer.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


A woman’s need 18+ NSFW

I knew what I was doing
When he took me by the hand
And to his shed
Where he had a bed
I agreed to his demand

I know that I’ve a lover
But a girl she has a need
For a big fat cock
That’s hard as rock
So I gobbled it down with greed

He grabbed my hair so tightly
With what was about to follow
I will confess
It made a mess
As I told him I don’t swallow

I left him looking shameful
This would be macho pimp
But out of luck
I got no fuck
For his cock was soft and limp.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


The Flock

The herd flock towards a solitary tree

Many seeking shelter under just one

As if its stature tall and defiant

Was somehow reminiscent of the shepherd

As they look for guidance and direction

Sanctuary from the bleak winter onset

Taking shelter from outstretched arms

They flock together under a solitary tree

Copyright: authorchrisbrown