Tread carefully 

A mysterious crumbling sound, followed by a few choice expletives could be heard shortly after Melvin had entered the adjoining room.

Jax and Fraevon ran to investigate, while Rohlen sought private counsel with his sister.

“How did you know? Have your prayers offered you an insight?”

“Insight?” she replied as she turned to follow the others, also somewhat perplexed by his questions.

“Did you prayers offer you foresight. Any clue as to may lay ahead?”

“Brother, you of all should know that prayers are sacred, personal to the one in prayer.”

“Yes but….”

“Just be assured that no harm shall befall those that simply pass through.”

He was not entirely happy with his twin’s response, though he took comfort from her words and accompanied her in joining the others.

This room was equally as opulent as the one previous, with gold gilded frames and ornate torches upon the walls. It was long and thin, and also devoid of furniture, instead large gold and black squares adorn the floor in random fashion.

“Well what colour was it?” asked Jax, referring to a missing tile three in from the door. Fraevon and Jax had both found themselves stood upon a black, whilst Melvin stood perfectly still on a gold.

“I think it was gold,” replied Melvin unconvincingly.

“I would wager there is a pattern needed in which to safely cross,” suggested Rohlen eyeing the situation for the first time.

“Any ideas?” asked the thief looking directly at Yulien in the process. She remained silent.

“We shall look for clues as to which route to take.”

“Please hurry. I would hate for this tile to take me to where the other now resides.”

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Unlucky in Love

They say love can hit you at any moment, and that is exactly what happened to Lisa. He was tall, dark and mysterious, with a few rough edges that made him look all man. The only trouble was, he was dead! He had come out of nowhere and ended up sprawled across the windscreen of Lisa’s brand new car, which probably accounted for most of the rough edges….

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Truth reveals itself

“Yulien! What are doing?” shouted Jax.

She was stood motionless in middle of the room, hundreds of spiders crawling their way up her body. Those upon the ceiling were congregating just above her head.

“It’s not real,” she kept saying to herself, over and over again.

“Come on man, get this door open,” he said turning his attention to Melvin who seemed to be fumbling with his picks in the lock.

“By all means take over if you think it would help,” the thief replied in a somewhat sincere, yet sarcastic manner.

Rohlen had seen enough, he ran to the aid of his sister, brushing the arachnids from her body whilst trying to snap her from the trance she seemed to be under. As he did so, the colony above their heads fell upon them.

“They’re not real,” said Yulien to her flailing brother. “You cannot feel them.” Though her words fell upon silent ears as her brother battled to rid them from himself, discarding his cloak in the process.

“Done!” shouted Melvin as the door sprung open.

As it did so, the room immediately returned to its opulent state. The spiders were no more, which left Rohlen flailing at nothing but the air around him.

“What kind of evil sorcery is this?” mumbled Jax hoping no one heard.

“Not evil, just protective illusions,” clarified Yulien. “There must be something of great importance ahead the clerics felt the need to protect.”

“Important? Well let us not dally,” said Melvin already heading into the next room.

“My senses tell me that the way ahead spells danger for us all,” confided Fraevon to Jax’s ear.

“I sense it too old friend.”

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Not just a fuck  18+ NSFW 

Certainty in every aspect,

One hundred percent commitment,

Mind, body and soul given,

A tidal wave of unadulterated lust,

Labelled neatly as that thing called love,

Bodies entwined,

Senses eagerly exploring,

Penetrating towards a climatic crescendo,

Sweat glistening upon naked skin,

Breathless voices hunger for air,

Torn flesh from dragged nails,

Weeping crimson tears of harmonious joy,

Body given and souls matched,

But only upon the certainty,

Of one hundred percent commitment.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


Not all is as it seems

“I cannot believe he would just leave like that,” said Melvin to the other, sheers surprise in his voice.

“He is a cantankerous old fool,” replied Rohlen, seemingly annoyed at the dwarf’s parting.

“Maybe so, but he’s our friend and we should respect his decision,” chipped in Fraevon.

Yulien and Jax led the way into the next room without discussing the matter. It was a room filled to the brim with gold gilded pictures, and fine upholstered furniture. Ornate torches upon the walls illuminated the room brightly, the flames reflecting brightly of the gold work.

“Not short of a few coin the cleric of this town,” remarked Jax taking in his surroundings

“Somethings not right,” whispered Yulien to herself.

The others soon joined them in the room, mouths ajar at the splendour, with Fraevon the last to enter. As he passed the threshold of the door, it reappeared behind him, blocking their path back.

“I approve of the decor,” said Melvin as he picked up a golden bowl full of fruit from one of the occasional tables. “Good job the dwarf did leave, it means we can finally eat.”

The thief put back the bowl, taking a ripe red apple in its place. Slowly he sunk his teeth into the fruit, awaiting the sweet taste of its juice upon his lips. It didn’t come, instead tasting like foul and with a pungent smell of decay. He threw it to the floor, spitting out the part he’d bitten off, and began furiously wiping his mouth and tounge with the sleeve of his shirt.

The moment the apple touched the floor, the decor began to change. Gone was the gilded frames and opulent furniture, instead everything now looked aged, and weathered. Dust and cobwebs covered everything.

“What did you do?” shouted Jax in the direction of Melvin, though he was too busy trying to rid himself of the awful taste that threatened to part ways with the contents of his stomach.

“An illusion spell,” whispered Yulien, again almost only audible to herself. “But which is the apparition?”

Fraevon was the first to spot them. Spiders crawling out from the crevasses within the crumbling walls, making there way both down and across the floor, and up across the ceiling. Instinctively he reached out to remove a torch from the walls, but as he did so the flame flickered and died.

“The door,” he shouted to the others, who by now, had spotted their unwelcome guests and were busy stomping and flailing at them. It was locked.

“Now would be a good time to prove your skills,” said Jax as Melvin set about trying to pick the lock.

“And avoid and traps in the process,” added Rohlen.

The room was slowly being overrun by arachnids of all manner of shapes and size. Yulien stood in the middle of the room unfazed as she continued to discern which was real and which was a mere spell.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


She is

She is the moon and the stars,
Radiance in an otherwise darkened world,
She is the sun,
Her radiance my sense of warmth,
She is the flowers in a summer garden,
But I know her beauty to be more beautiful,

And all of this she will deny,
Hide herself behind a smile,
Or be at a loss for words,

But the truth I know,
Without her my life would be dark and bleak,
She is my everything,
And I shall love her always.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Loss of a friend

Melvin was the first to hurl his weapons into the depths of the well.

“Easy come, easy go,” he said as they clattered off the stone sides before eventually a large splash confirmed there to be water down there.

“Easy for you yes,” grumbled Tumbor. “Those were scavenged from the dead.”

Fraevon looked to reassure the dwarf that he understood his anguish. Just as the axe had been in Tumbor’s family through the generations, so too his bow had been gifted to him by his father after the great war with the orcs.

“I cast mine, for the greater good of the quest.”

Fraevon let his bow, arrows and assorted blades slip from his hands, turning his back as they too clattered to their watery grave. Rohlen and Yulien in turn cast away there daggers, whilst Jax followed with an array of blades of his own.

All eyes were upon Tumbor, the weight of expectation bearing down upon his shoulders alone.

“Well that’s all very comendable, but I will not be following your noble actions.”

“If you do not, then we have discarded ours for nothing,” said Jax sternly.

“Then I shall leave.”

The group looked at each with concerned expressions as to the dwarf’s words, unsure as to whether this was just another of his misplaced attempts at humour, or if indeed he intended to leave. Jax took him by the arm.

“Are you sure? You will be surely missed old friend.”

“Alas I must, for the good of the quest.”

“You’re a stubborn old fool!” snapped Fraevon.

Tumbor smiled a toothy grin before nodding to each in turn. He turned his back, and began up the stairs to the surface.

“Who knows,” he called out. “We may yet meet again.”

As the feet of the dwarf left the stairs, so the door crumbled from existance exposing an opulently furnished room beyond.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown