Finding Reason


To my left stands an Angel tending to my tears. “What did you do?” she asks soothingly.

On my right a Devil. “It’s not your fault!” he says rubbing my shoulder with his talloned hand.

Like an island isolated by a maddening sea, I stand resolute understanding their words, yet let them fall upon my ear, waves upon a rocky shore.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Caught – Taboo NSFW +18

The below is a work of complete fiction for a book entitled “Taboo” featuring a number of authors.

There I was, sitting alone, watching porn with my cock in my hand. Trousers around my ankles and erection standing proud as I stroked it gently.

To my utter surprise, in walks my daughter who says nothing but sits opposite me as I struggle to hide myself and pull up my trousers.

Slowly, her hand reaches under her clothes and it becomes evident she’s playing with herself. Her other hand clutches her breast and begins squeezing it tightly.

Caught in confusion. I’m struggling to dress and yet get oddly aroused at what I’m seeing. My cock is throbbing uncontrollably. Even more so as she begins undressing so as to make her own masterbation easier.

I sit back down in the chair. My gaze never leaves my daughter’s actions and I find my erection once again in my hands. Her groans were like sweet music. Her fingers stroking her young nubile clit.

As she brought herself to climax, her body arched and fingers deep inside herself, I felt the sweet release of my own cum all down my hardened shaft.

Slowly she stood, picked up her clothes and left the room. Nothing was ever spoken of the incident again, however I continue to masterbate knowing she’s in the house, hoping I get caught again.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Brave the Shave 2019

This me. A hairy tattooed lover of heavy metal.

This time last year my mother passed away after a brief battle with cancer. In her honour, and to raise money for the Mcmillan Nurses who eased her pains during her stay in hospital, I have decided to undertake the Brave the Shave 2019.

The long hair and beard will all go, and be donated to a charity that makes wigs for cancer survivors.

My hair loss will be temporary. The loss of my mother permanent. If you can, and only if you can, spare a little loose change to make a donation, it is all going to such a deserving cause.

Thank you for just reading.


Punishment NSFW +18

Laid over my knee

Naked once soft white skin

Now red with handprint scars

Punishment for brattish behaviour

Tears cascading from pain felt eyes

Playing my emotions?

Large hands easing the pain

Firm powerful strokes across each cheek

A gentle writhing to guide my hand

Urging to be felt in places pleasuring

My hand falls heavy again

The imprint left in white

Upon her once again reddening skin.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


Discovery NSFW +18

Scrolling through the plethora of like minded souls, dropping a ‘like’ or typing a response to something read that pulls on your mindset and urges interaction.

Then there are those that ‘speak’ to you personally on a connected level. The pages or blogs that draw you in with open arms, that without rhyme nor reason, have you pouring over every word. Hours spent back and forth in textualized conversation.

All too recently I discovered another kind. A visual kind. Normally I pass over the picture in favour of the word, but this had both. It was clever. To consume the text, I found myself devouring the image. Being aroused by the image. Dreaming of the image.

This is ridiculous. I’ve been aroused here by another, her words stimulating me as if touched by her alone, but never by an image. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and these sit somewhere between foreplay and intercourse.

I welcome the new discovery and all the sexual implications that arise from exploration, but yet I’m left wondering if I explore for the written thoughts, or more the enlightening visuals shared alongside.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown



“Go forth and forge a new life with this your second chance. We shall return should you need our aid, until such time as you able to reach for the stars yourselves and find your way home.”

The chosen few walked their first steps upon this Earth to spark the Dawn of Man. Meanwhile the ship that brought them, sped across the galaxies to their distant home in the stars. Then they watched.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


A Stranger’s Touch NSFW +18

From the moment she closed her eyes, despite the warmth of the midday sun, she felt the heat of his breath upon her neck and shoulders. It made her catch her own in anticipation of what was to come.

Simultaneously, as his large powerful hands smultched the paint upon her breasts, his hands cupping and squeezing them tightly, so his lips pressed against her neck as his teeth bit softly her tender skin.

His touch weakened her knees, her defences lay in rubble to his advances as he span her round to face him. Her eyes remained closed, the fear of opening them and him disappearing all too true in her mind.

He pulled her to him, their naked bodies tight against each other. His excited penis brushed against her leg, it’s girth and length something she needed to feel intrude upon her inner being.

Lifting her easily, she wrapped her legs around his waist and draped her arms around his neck waiting. She felt moisture soaking her vagina simply from the anticipation of him entering her. His girth stretching apart her lips, his length threatening to puncture he insides.

She felt herself falling. Why? She hadn’t opened her eyes. She still felt him wrapped in her arms. Suddenly the floor cradled her back and she felt his weight upon her. She also felt the pain and desire as he sunk himself within her. It was heavenly divine.

With now full control, his demeanour shifted. A primitive lust and animal instinct took over as he pounded relentlessly his enormous penis as hard and as deep as he could get it. As if in some competition with himself, he tried to go faster, harder and deeper than the last thrust. A hand grabbed at her still paint covered breast and squeezed it tightly, crushing her erect nipple into his palm.

This was nothing but an urge satisfied, a carnal desire satisfied. His release long and powerful. As he removed himself from her, his still pulsating penis pumped cum down his leg. As the paint that once adorned her body mixed with his juices, it lightened, offering a softer palate of colours.

Quickly she opened her eyes dispelling his image. As she gazed down upon her throbbing vagina, admiring the palate her own cum and fingers had mixed she lay back on the sun soaked grass catching her breath.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown