Leave her?

“Soon my love.” whispered Jax cradling the bed roll. “Soon you will be at rest with your brothers and sisters. I promise you shall be at peace with the world amongst your peers.”

“That is a promise you cannot give traveller.” The was a pause whilst a breath was caught. “Only a cleric can decide such a fate.” Those words cut Jax deeper than any blade, and they belonged to a man almost twice his senior. Dressed in a simple robe, his long grey hair and gaunt features could just be seen under his risen hood.

“Let me see her,” he wheezed, as if the action of walking was too much for his aged body.

Jax opened the bed roll. One quick glance and the elderly cleric tutted before walking away. “You waste my time traveller.”

“I bring her here, as a devoted cleric to your god.”

“And yet she’s marked by chaos!” The cleric stopped and coughed heavily. “Look, we are not without compassion,” he continued between breathes. “Leave her here and she will be disposed of appropriately.”

” “Disposed of?” You make her sound like nothing more than rubbish!” Jax began rolling her gently back in his bed roll.

“Leave her here traveller!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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