Part 21

The twins, seeing a hooded cloaked figure holding the head of an arrow against the back of Jax’s neck, sidestepped so as to get a better look at the assailant. The dark garb he was clothed in occasionally caught the light of the burning buildings, however his features remained hidden under his hood.

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” he said in a soft, yet commanding tone. “At this moment a handful of arrows are pointing at you both from within the shadows.”

Tumbor having turned to see who the extra voice belonged to, reached up to unsheath his axe. “You said nothing about me!”

“That is because you’re mine!”

Within the blink of an eye, the arrow that was being held against Jax’s neck had been dispatched towards the dwarf, clipping his up stretched arm. Before Jax was able to react, another arrow replaced where the first had been. Tumbor lowered his empty hand.

“If you are indeed the elf that goes by the name Fraevon, then we were charged by the Princess to seek you out.”

“For what purpose would the human Princess have for razing Giver?”

Rohlen looked back in the direction of Tumbor, who simply shrugged his shoulders. “Burning the buildings was not part of the plan, but then being attacked by an old crone wasn’t either.”

“What became of Elenwen?”

“Dead! Departed, well her head anyway,” mused Tumbor, laughing at his own joke.

“YOU FOOL’S!” blasted the newcomer as he withdrew the arrow and broke from the cover of darkness. “In death she will be now infinitely more powerful than she ever was alive.”

“How is that possible? Dead is dead,” argued the dwarf still laughing at his earlier joke.

“You travel with a man that can summon fire to erupt from his hands and you ask how! Show me where she’s buried.”

“Black magic!” added Rohlen.

“Yes! Black magic, now the grave. Where is it?”

The five of them stood and looked at the mound of fresh earth, claw marks that were not there before, clearly portrayed the struggle of something trying to get out. A single deep scratch made the date on the headstone unreadable.

“We are no longer safe here,” said the stranger angrily turning his back on the grave.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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