Part 20

“Let’s keep looking,” said Tumbor. “If there is another one if those things, best we find it quick.”

“Do you not think that if there was another, then it would have come to the aid of the old woman?” offered Jax. “Surely it wouldn’t have just let her die.”

Yulien began muttering something, over and over, not quite loud enough for the others to hear, but enough so that it grabbed their attention. Rohlen, converse in the art of lip reading, especially his sister’s, relayed what it was she was saying,

“Sisters avenge me! Is that what the old woman said?”

“Yes. Just before she died.”

Tumbor took some practice swings with his axe. “I’ll be ready this time!”

“We all shall,” said Jax.

The next house revealed the same fate had befallen them. Slowly decomposing entwined within feeding vines. So too the next, and one after that also, until they had exhausted all of the remaining buildings.

“So what now?” Jax asked, watching the dwarf as he headed back inside as to where they’d made camp.

“We should offer these people a proper burial,” suggested Yulien.

“I could forsee that,” Rohlen quipped.

“What are you doing Tumbor?” Jax watched as the dwarf carried a huge burning log towards the first house the opened.

“A burial? How about a cremation.”

Offering the burning log to the thatched roof, it didn’t take long for the whole building to catch, lighting up the night sky with orangey red flames and towering black smoke.

As the companions packed up their belongings, Tumbor went about setting the lumber mill itself ablaze. “Burn in Hell” he joked whilst standing back admiring his handy work.

“They will see the fires in Droxburg,” said Rohlen.

“Blucester too I’d wager,” countered Jax.

“Once again our diminutive friend fails to grasp the notion of discrete, instead bringing an entire army down upon us.”

Jax did not reply, for an unseen hand was holding a sharp blade to he back of his neck and was pressing it with increasing force. “Fraevon I assume.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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