Part 17

Before Tumbor was able to unsheath his axe, or Jax his sword, the floor beneath them erupted in thick interweaving roots that grappled the three of them to the floor. Only Rohlen was able to master a response, as from seemingly nowhere, dark shards of light flew straight from his outstretched hand and towards the now cackling old woman.

As the missiles impacted around mid height, she looked genuinely concerned about the force of their impact, stumbling back a little in the process. With a raised hand, the old woman mumbled words inaudible and unrecognisable. As the roots responded and began to tighten, razor sharp thorns began protruding puncturing their captives flesh.

Whilst Rohlen tried in vain to dispel the magic, Jax and Tumbor tried to break free, however it was only the pure strength of the dwarf that succeeded in ripping apart the deadly roots. He stood axe drawn facing the old woman a menacing grimace upon his face.

“Do you think you can kill me, dwarf?” There was disdain in her voice, as she almost goaded him into the attack.

“There is no longer time for thought,” he replied charging in, his axe pulled back ready to strike.

“Quite so!” she whispered pointing in his direction as several hundred spores weightlessly floated off to meet the dwarf’s charge.

There was no avoiding them, his momentum carrying him in amongst the cloud and as each one came into contact, they rapidly expanded several times their size. Cocooned, his anger fueled charge was prematurely cut short.

“I shall not be bested by a mere dwarf!” she said in disgust turning her attentions to Rohlen who was busy conjuring a spell of his own, as was evident by the coursing magical energy convulsing along his arm. “What have you got, mage?”

A bright glowing ball of fire began to swell between his palms, as fighting the pain of his constrictions and the biting barbs, he pointed it towards the old woman. With a click of her fingers, the fiery ball evaporated instantly into tiny wisps of smoke.

“Fireball? How imaginative.” she said disrespectful whilst letting out her cackling laugh one more time surveying her prey.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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