Part 14.5

“That’s a name I thought I’d buried many years ago,” said Jax, a million emotions threatening to consume him, each one conflicting the other.

Yulien looked to her brother, who in turn simply shrugged his shoulders. Tumbor though was his usual discrete, reserved self,

“A former lover?”

The booming laughter from Timthall at the dwarf’s comment could have been heard for miles around. Tears ran down his face as he almost chocked from forgetting to breathe.

“Lovers! There is no love lost between those two.”

“But she is still blood!” stated Jax with authority. “Just because we do not see eye to eye, she is still my sister.”

“Aye! A sister that voted you a coward.”

“And what say you Timthall? Will your tongue wag to your future pay masters about us crossing paths?”

The giant of a man stood from his seated position causing Jax to cover his sword hilt with his hand once more. Timthall held out his hand.

“Jax Dupont, you once saved my life. I have no quarrel with you.”

The two men locked arms in a warrior’s embrace, whilst patting each other on the back, Jax having to stretch a little higher to do so.

“Farewell Tiny Tim. May your road be unwinding and your foes be few. I thank you again for the advice, on we shall heed.”

“Travel safe adventurers. May the gods favour you in your battles ahead.”

Once again Timthall strode his earth shuddering strides off in the direction of Blucester. Tumbor having stopped eating, regained his feet as the party looked set for Wiver.

“So you have a sister!”

It was Rohlen that gave the dwarf a clip to the back of his head.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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