Part 13

“So where does adventure take you four highly inconspicuous wanderers?”

“We’re headed to Wiver. What of it?” replied the dwarf, still trying to assert some authority within the group.

The huge man looked puzzled, “Why would anyone wish to visit Wiver?”

“We are visiting an old friend,” offered Yulien, who had been her usual quiet reserved self.

“And where might you be headed…..?” asked Jax, pausing for effect awaiting the giant man’s name.

“Timthall Yaranthedac, but most just call me ‘Tiny Tim’. I’m headed to Blucester to sell my sword arm to the legion. A battalion is headed South to stem the orcish invasions.”

“Orcs!” Tumbor spat on the floor in disgust. “Now fighting orcs is a much more worthy quest that chasing ghost stories.”

Jax once more clipped the dwarf around the back of the head.

“Will you stop doing that!” protested Tumbor looking slightly less than impressed.

“So you’re headed to Yord!” said Tim, his booming voice carrying to the nearby halted caravans. Word carried like wildfire along the queue. “It now makes perfect sense.”

“How so?” enquired Jax.

“A wizard, cleric, fighter and dwarf. I’m guessing you’re on you way Wiver to aquire the services of a elf.”

“You are an observant man Timthall,” added Rohlen.

“I have spent many years surrounded by your kind. Questing for gold and spending it all in taverns. Many monsters I’ve slain, and a few good friends I’ve buried also.”

“Why not join us,” suggested Jax. “You would be a great asset to our quest.”

The giant man shook his head. “I cannot abide all that voodoo supernatural goings on. Give me a monster with flesh and bone any day of the week.”

“I’m with the big man!” said Tumbor stepping to the side of the giant.

“No you’re not, you will only slow me down. Farewell adventurers, be safe in your travels.”

Tiny Tim turned and strode away at speed, each of his foot falls making the earth tremble.

“You wouldn’t have gone would you Tumbor?” asked Yulien, her voice carrying genuine concern.

“No!” boomed Tumbor, mimicking the now out of sight giant. “Too much of a liability that one.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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