Part 12

“Let us adventure forth, boldly explore new realms, vanquish our enemies and take what is therefore rightfully ours!”

The dwarf purposefully strode eastward causing the ordinary folk of Droxburg, those that were quite blissfully going about their respective business, to stop or move out of his way.

“As discrete as ever,” remarked Rohlen.

“I’d would wager he gets us into more scrapes than needed,” Jax added.

“Perhaps, but I’m glad he’s with us. Don’t tell him, but he’s kind of growing on me,” laughed Yulien as she set out in pursuit.

“How long till you think that of me Rohlen?” Jax smiled broadly and cocked his head to one side.

“You will never know!”

The eastern gate was being watched by two guard. Neither inspired confidence that they could actually thwart anyone getting in or out of the city, but they played the part in watching intently all who came and went. One was as tall and slender as the poleaxe he was leaning against, and looked completely weighed down by the armour that fitted him poorly.

The second was rotund, his stomach poking out from under his shirt, his chainmail vest riding high across his chest. He seemed to be suffering a cold and was forever rubbing his bright red bulbous nose on his sleeve and sniffing heavily. Both tried to straighten up and look full of authority as they saw the four companions arrive.

“Off on an important quest are you?” asked the portly guard before sneezing heavily.

“To find untold riches no doubt,” added the other nodding knowingly.

“Actually there’s a horde of flesh eating zombies headed this way, so the Princess has sent us to try and stop them,” said Tumbor most seriously. The two guards looked at each other as some of the towns folk that had overheard began a wildfire of panic and fear that threatened to engulf the city. “Not sure what us four are going to do against an army.”

“Do not panic everyone,” shouted Rohlen upon seeing everyone scurrying around. “The dwarf jests. There is no army of the undead.”

Jax clipped Tumbor across the back of the head, which only resulted in him breaking into raucous laughter.

“Bet you were panicking there Eric,” mocked the slender guard. “They would have had a banquet from you.”

Eric punched his fellow guard, nearly knocking him off his feet. “You four, get gone and you help me sort his hysteria. At least they wouldn’t be using me as a tooth pick!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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