Part 11

Tumbor, keen to prove he wasn’t as lacking in the social skills area as his fellow companions would believe, identified a passerby to seek information from.

“Greetings my good man. Wiver, which way?”

The startled man simply pointed East, before hurrying on his way. The dwarf turned and smiled broadly, feeling rather accomplished. Jax simply shook his head, whilst Rohlen was off talking to someone else seated in a doorway.

“You look to be a learned fellow,” he started. “Would it be displeasing of me to ask of a question or two?”

The young man glanced up from the book he was reading, and acknowledged the mage from over the wire rim of his glasses.

“Is that a question or merely rhetorical?”

“A question, for being an academic myself, I know how frustrating it can be to be interrupted when studying.”

The young man closed his book and set it down upon his lap. Brushing his hair away from his face and adjusting his glasses, he waited for Rohlen to continue.

“Yes well,” he flustered. “I was wondering what you could tell me about Wiver.”

“Wiver? It is a small village some several miles from here. Built around the lumber mill on the river Wive, it provided all the wood for the construction of Droxburg. The great forest it harvested from is now but a small wood, a fraction of the size it once was. Stories tell that the tree spirits called out for a guardian from the needs of man, to stop the felling of the last remaining trees.”

“And of this, these, guardians?”

“Elves! Many came and silenced the lumber mill. Some still remain. That is why the lumber mill remains unused, and Wiver is but a stepping stone on the way to Blucester.”

“You say some remain?” asked Rohlen inquizitively.

“Yes, they sometimes visit to trade for supplies and whatever else Elves do.”

“You’ve been most enlightening. My thanks indeed.”

The man reopened his book so as to carry on from where he left off, whilst Rohlen returned to the group.

“It’s East isn’t it? A man told me without having to threaten him. It’s East.”

Rohlen sighed heavily. “Yes Tumbor, it’s East.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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