Part 10

Inside the shop, meat from all manner of creatures were on display. Some were easily identifiable, chicken and pheasant hanging unprepared in groups of four up within the rafters. Others dressed in a salt bath wrap sat on display with little card plaques stating what part of the animal it came from, whilst fish sat presented within a bath full of crushed ice grouped together in small number.

Upon entering, a small bell rang above the door bringing the shop owner from out the back. He was a well set man dressed in a full length apron covered in both fresh and old stained blood, within his right hand a large cleaver stained from having been recently used.

“What can I get ya?” he asked setting the cleaver down on the counter. “A travelling pack I assume?”

Tumbor could hardly contain his salivating as he span in awe of the assorted meats, whilst Yulien stood saying multiple prayers for the deceased souls.

“A pack? What would be the contents and at what price?” enquired Jax attempting to engage in friendly dialogue.

“Depends on size,” replied the shop owner. “I would say large for the three of you. Extra large for the dwarf. Large is one gold. Extra large one gold a five copper.”

“What, is that?” said Tumbor inhaling deeply the aroma of a large thick cut of deep red meat.

“Black bear!” he said without breaking tone. “Large is four cuts, a bird and two fish. Extra large get an extra bird and fish.”

“Who provides you with your bounty?” asked Jax looking around deciding on his choices.

“Hunters mainly. The occasional farmer looking to gain some coin for livestock feed. I tend to not ask too many questions.”

The butcher snapped a cold hard stare at the dwarf, who immediately put the slab of bear meat back on the shelf. “No sampling the stock!” The three companions cut a stare in Tumbor’s direction, who just shrugged his shoulders in denial.

“Do you do business with an elf?” enquired Rohlen.

“One. He comes in ocassionally. Fraevon I think.”

“Do you know where we may find him?”

The butcher retook the cleaver to hand. ” I told you, I don’t ask questions. Now do you want anything?”

“We will take two large!” said Jax reaching for his purse.

“And I’ll have the extra,” added Tumbor, a coin purse already for the offering.

Jax remembering the tavern fiasco, slapped away the dwarf’s outstretched arm. “We can share the two.”

With two packaged bundles of assorted meat procured, the companions made ready to leave with Tumbor moaning about being made to starve.

“You could try the woods near Wiver,” offered the butcher as Jax was about to leave. “Rumour has it he resides within.”

“Thank you,” replied Jax closing the door behind himself.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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