Part 9

Rohlen stood with an icy stare of disgust directed at his sister, for of the three of them, he alone knew the alignment of the magic just cast, and it wasn’t one he wished to be associated. When Yulien slumped to the floor through her arcane endeavours, he stood and watched as Jax ran to her aide.

“I’ve got you,” he said softly, helping her to her feet. “Does this happen everytime?”

The mage momentarily thought about parting with the secret he swore he would keep, especially as his sister had just broken her promise to him, but instead simply replied,


With a look of disapproval, he walked past ignoring the apology held in her eyes, intending instead to reprimand her in private. He was aware that tongues would be soon be recounting the events that had just transpired, and it wouldn’t be long before guards came to investigate. With the dwarf following behind, he set off in the direction they’d been headed.

“Are you able to walk?” Jax asked, attempting to take her arm and placing it around his waist. Yulien whipped her arm away and stood of her own volition.

“I can walk,” she replied heading off gingerly after her brother.

“And this is why chivalry is dead!” chuntered Jax as he quickly caught up to the dwarf.

“Burdening yourself with an extra quest?” commented Tumbor, seeing Jax’s gaze stay fixed on Yulien.

“Some quests are hard to refuse.” The dwarf simply snorted and shook his head.

Upon arriving at one of the city’s numerous crossroads, the twins came to a stop so as to allow the other two to catch up. Not a word had been spoken, except for Rohlen asking a passing citizen as to the whereabouts of the nearest butcher. The poor woman looked scared half to death, and simply pointed before hastily rushing off, leaving Rohlen to ponder her reaction had the dwarf asked her.

“There is a butchers….” Rohlen stopped short seeing the telltale pig sign hanging half way down the street.

“Just there?” said Jax mockingly.

“Good. I can get some meat to go with the bread,” replied Tumbor slapping his stomach, as was now becoming customary when he turned discussions to food.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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