Part 8

“Well that will be forever now be a venue of unhospitality,” remarked Jax overhearing the conversation.

“I do not consider that to be an inconvenience,” replied Rohlen. “However the welcoming committee up ahead may prove to be.”

Further up the street, several former tavern patrons gathered in a rowdy mob awaiting the companions arrival. Yulien, having looked behind for a way to avoid confrontation, advised that an equal number were cutting off their escape.

Tumbor smiled broadly unsheathing his axe from off his back,

“No inconvenience, more time to play!”

“What part of inconspicuous do you not understand Tumbor?” sighed Jax.

“Not even if I make it look like an accident?” The smile on his face widened, his teeth showing more gold than tooth.


Yulien walked ahead of the group and held both her hands up to the sky. An arcane mist began whipping around her feet as she recited mystical incantations forcing the mist to grow with intensity. From within, several smokey skulls threatened to break free, screaming inaudible screams of pain and anguish.

Curiosity drew the patrons closer, though some with less courage broke and fled. Each began bearing weapons that had been otherwise concealed as they neared the oddity that was a woman standing within a vortex of angry smoke.

With the incantation complete, Yulien projected her arms outward towards the two groups causing the screaming skulls to fly out towards them. In complete horror they all fled dropping their weapons in the process, the screams coming from them as they ran being consumed by the skulls.

“Now that’s impressive,” said Jax in awe of what he was witnessing.

“Surely not as impressive as ‘cracking’ skulls,” remarked the dwarf.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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