Part 6

“That will be four gold,” said the barman calmly.

“Four gold? That’s daylight thievery!” protested Jax. “I’m sorry good sir, but looking around your establishment and the inebriated state of your patrons, some of which look like they’ve never seen a gold coin…” Suddenly the Tavern fell silent once again.

“Four gold it is,” said Rohlen offering out the coin.

The barman seemed to be ignoring Rohlen’s gesticulating, instead raising an eyebrow and looking at Jax waiting for him to finish. In fact the whole room was waiting for him to finish.

“I meant no offence, but four gold seemed rather steep, however upon reflection.”

“Each!” snapped the barman.

“Now come on,” said Rohlen still holding the coin in his outstretched hand.

“Adventurers right. Adventurers means gold and that means you can afford the going rate. Also,” the barman tapped a sign behind him: ‘Management Word is FINAL.’

Tumbor threw a bag holding a substantial amount of coin onto the bar, something that caught the eye of all.

“Stew, large bowls, and mead in tankards. Also, hurry it up as all this arguing has worsened my appetite. Oh, and the stew better be hot and the mead cold. We will be sat over there.”

The tavern patrons parted to allow the party easy access to a corner table, one even wiping the table with his jacket sleeve whilst another gathered the empty mugs.

“You humans put too much value on coin and not enough on creature comforts.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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