Part 5

There was no mistaking the building Tumbor was currently making haste towards, as being anything other than a Tavern. The raucous sound of laughter and merriment did its best to drown out the sound of the persistent lyre playing amidst the chaos. The rustic aroma of stew and cheap mead had the dwarf almost salivating into his beard as he narrowly avoided a drunken patron being hurled out into the street.

“This looks as good a place as any,” remarked the dwarf fighting his way in.

Jax looked up at the wooden sign hanging from a bracket above the door.

“Ye Olde Scoundrel. Well the place certainly lives up to its name.”

Allowing the twins to enter ahead of him, he positioned himself so as to offer further protection to Yulien. He was fairly confident she would never have been in an establishment such as this before, and judging by the impromptu silence that fell across the patrons, they had not seen the likes of them in there either.

“Are you folk lost?” asked a rather scrawny looking man offering a toothless grin. “A dungeon missing its heroes?” The room laughed as one, the sound of tankards chinking accompanied the laughter.

“All are welcome here,” boomed an exceptionally large barman. “What can I get ya?”

The noise levels rose once more as the patrons returned to whatever it was they were preoccupied with prior to the party’s arrival.

“Four house mead and four bowls of stew” requested Rohlen.

“Large bowls!” added Tumbor.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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