My Queen

He stood before her, his queen. She preserved her modesty by a carefully placed arm as she sat naked upon her bed seat.

“You conceal yourself from me!” he said in disgust.

“I am your queen. How dare you address me in such a tone.”

“I have laid my life on the line countless times, and yet you hide yourself away like a timid chambermaid.”

She held her hands out to the side gifting him the sight he savoured,

“Is that what you wish to see?”

“No! I wish to see you in my bed,” he said with authority as he walked up to her.

Her arms did not falter as he squeezed her breasts with his huge powerful hands, ignoring her protruding nipples that pressed against his palms.

“Does my king approve?” she asked. “Or would you prefer the firmer, more supple breasts of a younger woman?”

“Hush your words or I will be forced…”

“Forced to do what? Scold me like a serving wench that has brought you warm mead?”

He had heard enough. Lifting her from her seated position, he placed her over his shoulder and made his way to his chambers.

“Just because you’re my king, doesn’t mean you get me by right,” she said wriggling, trying to free herself.

“No, I get you because of what I do to you.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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