Uneasy Allies

Laughter was heard coming from the direction of the sacred stones, human laughter. Zystag gathered a cluster of his bray kin, and set out armed ready to confront those that would defile their beliefs.

A young champion, Olaff Strom Bane, and a handful of Reavers saw the area as safe sanctuary to rest and relieve themselves after hours of scouting the outlying area.

Zystag, in blind fury called out Olaff, as the rest of the herd surrounded the Reavers. It would be one on one, steel upon steel. For hours the pair fought trading blow upon blow, both equal in artistry of their favoured weapon. Each finding leverage, only of it to be snatched away. Eventually it was Olaff that began to succumb to exhaustion, suffering several near fatal blows as his guard was found slipping.

The brayherd champion saw either compassion, unheard of amongst their kind, or a means in which to benefit the herd, thus sparing the Reaver’s life in exchange of their loyalty and arms when called upon.

Clenching wrists, the pact was made. So tells the tale of how the Bone Reavers came to fight alongside the Brayherd as uneasy allies.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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