Competition Entry

Write a Blurb for the following Book Titles:

My Scorching Summer Diary


Darkest Fear

Paris For One

Summer Brides.

So here is the first:

Ibiza, the party island. Sun, sand, sea and……sex. Copious amounts of pure unadulterated, alcohol fueled, no strings attached sex. But there was a problem. Me.

I’m Charlotte, a 24 years old trainee accountant, whose love of sugary foods means not only do I find it hard looking at myself naked, but I’ve never had a boy so much as glance at me, let alone get my clothes off.

Jaeger Bombs, the ‘down in one’ drink that, when drunk to excess, rips away inhibitions quicker than I would normally devour a pack of cream filled doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, and also the cause of me not only popping my cherry, but making a family size pie out of it.

My Scorching Summer Diary is not only a snap shot of my vacation to the party island, but a tale of sexual awakening and self appreciation.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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