Last ‘online’ part

“Have it your way, insolent fools. Do you really believe you could seriously bring the demise to our Queen Shala? I gift you credit for not following in the footsteps of that witch hunter, but at least she will see tomorrow.”

The mysterious voice trailed off into the distance, muttering indecipherable dark arcane words in its true voice. Tumbor screamed out in recognition,

“Argh! Get back here and fight me again.”

“You know of this…..thing?” asked Rohlen. “Have you fought it before?”

“That thing stole my axe, and I intend on getting it back.”

All of a sudden the passageway was filled with the sound of a deafening thud, followed by numerous dwarven curse words.

“Perhaps waiting to our sight has returned?” suggested Jax. The dwarf mumbled further. “Fraevon, you say you have Yulien.”

“Yes, she is unconcious. Not doubt from the extent of her exertions.”

“Then we wait for our sight to return, and then…”

Jax was unable to finish his sentence before the Tumbor interjected.

“Then we go find us a changeling.”

“It is not far to the exit, I can see the faint glow of sunlight further up the passageway,” said Fraevon reassuringly.

“Wait, you can see?” questioned Rohlen.

“Yes. I was blinded momentarily, but it quickly passed. I will carry Yulien to you, and we can rest together.”

“Anyone know what happened to Melvin?” asked Jax, moving his head in such a way as if looking for him, or perhaps trying to ascertain a direction of a response.

“I’m here,” said Melvin sheepishly. “I’m tried to stop her, but she was too strong.”

“I’m was a good thing you didn’t, or else would have surely perished under the weight of numbers,” replied Fraevon. “There are hundreds of them, all the way up to the exit.”

Tumbor muttered again, but no one paid him any attention.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have followed my mini snippets of this story. When I started collating them together, it was just over 24k, not bad I don’t think. So now begins the start of writing the end in private. Then stitching all these snippets together and fleshing out a coherent story, before then starting the search for some proof readers. Thank you all once again, Chris.


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