Overrun pt2

“Well there goes the element of surprise!” remarked Fraevon as he unleashed a salvo of arrows with unnerving speed and accuracy.

“When have we ever had the element of surprise?” shouted Jax charging forward.

Yulien looked to her brother, as if seeking his advice as to what to do. With a spell already active, providing much needed light to those without night vision, to use her powers against creatures of the undead would mean robbing them of that light.

Rohlen shook his head, before turning to Melvin,

“I charge you with keeping her safe. The trembling in your knees would suggest your best served back here.”

Stepping forward towards the now advancing mumbling horde, he began whispering arcane scriptures, purple fiery wisps of energy pulsating around the tip of his outstretched staff.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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