Follow the dwarf

“If we are looking to go up the mountain, why are we going into it?” asked Melvin, as what was becoming increasingly evident, from the back of the group.

“The way we came in was the exit, and so we shall exit via the entrance.” replied Tumbor wistfully.

“That makes sense I suppose. But shouldn’t we be going up?”

“We are,” said Yulien. “In a meandering spiral.”

“Exactly. The carts don’t do well coming down rapid, so we push them steadily to the exit.”

Rohlen looked at his sister,

“How can you tell?”

She smiled and said nothing more on the subject, instead sending some of her illuminated wisps on past Tumbor until they disappeared from sight.

“So you would simply mine all the way down, creating a singular spiral passage through the inside of the mountain?” enquired Jax.

“To begin with,” replied the dwarf. “Further up we should find off branches from the main path, dug in search of further minerals.”

“Fascinating!” replied Fraevon, though no one could tell it was genuine awe, or bored sarcasm.

“How long till me reach the exit, entrance?” Jax asked.

“I’d wager two, maybe three hours,” replied Tumbor turning to address the group. His eyes though, we’re fixed on Melvin dismayed response. “Longer though if we drag our heels.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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