One year on

So thank you wordpress for informing me that it has been one year since that first post. A year in which I grown friendships, and lost friendships. It tells me that there is an obscene number of people following my ramblings, and some of which actually take time out of their busy lives to read, like, and sometimes comment of that which I’ve written.

You all make me feel humbled, and I’m touched and honoured that you would do such a thing.

We finally have a service date for my late mum, may she forever now rest in peace, and whilst I’m still hurting inside, I feel getting back to posting regularly would be want she would want.

I know she was especially proud that I’d realised a dream and had my books published, so I feel I need to honour that fact by pushing on in getting those I’m currently working on, out to a wider audience.

So thank you wordpress family, for staying faithful and with me through my absence, I promise to return towards the end of April with more of what you’ve come to expect and enjoy from me.

My love and light find you always.



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