Dwarven Mines

The light from the doorway was diminishing fast as the group made their way further into the mountain. Two deep ruts set in the floor, legacy of the laden carts that would be hauled up and down these narrow passageways. It was wide enough to walk two abreast comfortably, though Tumbor insisted on taking the lead given he was for once felling at home in the surroundings.

“I assume you can all see in the dark!” muttered Melvin, reaching out the rough cut walls for guidance as he went.

“Can you not?” replied Fraevon mockingly.

“I can barely see my own feet, let alone where we’re heading.”

Yulien paused and muttered an incomprehensible string of arcane words, whilst holding her hand out in front of her. With each word, a cluster of illuminated bugs seemed fly forth from her open palm lifting the darkness around them.

“Wow!” remarked the thief. “Now I see why they’re not bothered with lighting.”

The passageway cut crudely through solid rock, evidence of the toil and physicality in doing so was clear to see all along the walls and ceiling. The deep ruts where ocassionally filled with puddles of water, where above moss had found purchase to grow from deep cracks.

The mountain groaned and strained once more, the sound echoing down the passageway forcing Melvin once again to question their decisions.

“Are you sure we’re safe in here? Because it doesn’t sound like we’re safe.”

“Totally fine!” said Rohlen, moments before the sounds of the mountain returned with greater volume and menace.

“I’d keep moving if….” At that moment the doorway collapsed under a landslide of heavy boulders. A plume of dust and debris quickly engulfed them all. “Never mind, ” he said, coughing loudly along with the others. “At least we’re dry!”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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