The door pt2

The group impatiently waited whilst Tumbor examined the door and its surroundings, the rain and lack of shelter making them irritable.

“You can’t open it can you?” said Melvin mockingly.

“Not with all the constant interupting, no.”

“Can either of you two use your magic?” asked Melvin, turning his attention to the twins.

“Give him time,” replied Yulien. “I have faith in him.”

Fraevon and Jax exchanged glances, each seemingly surprised by the cleric’s last statement, for as much as the dwarf was a friend and a trusted one at that, he was also cantankerous, stubborn and possibly that last you would put your faith in.

Rohlen stood and made his way over to the door, as crackles of arcane energy danced around his fingers. As he approached, Tumbor found the missing part of the puzzle he’d been staring at.

“Ha!” he bellowed. “Every door has a handle.”

As he was just about to take a hold, a fiery plume screamed within inches of his head and slammed into the door in a huge explosion of flame.

“Wait!!” screamed Tumbor raising both hands to Rohlen. “I’ve found the way in.”

“So too have I.”

Everybody turned their attention to where the door once was, only to see a gaping hole, flames flickering around the edges. Beyond, a gloomy passageway disappeared into the darkness.

“I had it,” grumbled Tumbor.

“You were taking too long,” replied Rohlen, turning his attention to a delighted Melvin clapping and cheering by himself.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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