Pushing on pt2

The ledge was littered with an assortment of humanoid and animal bones, as well torn garments and broken weapons, none of which were salvageable, much to Tumbor’s disgust.

Fraevon scouted the path ahead as the rest of the group pulled themselves up the rope climb, with Jax bringing up the rear.

“Do we leave the rope?” asked Rohlen, standing at the point where he had tethered it.

“No,” replied Jax. “Why give those that may follow us an easy climb. Besides, we may have use for it further on.”

Rohlen gathered the rope and handed back to him.

“I doubt many, save a dwarf, would venture this path.”

“Perhaps, but let us not take the chance.”

The path onward was less conspicuous than previous, often seeming to end, only to continue several feet away. It was also becoming much steeper with every passing minute.

Fraevon had stopped up ahead, though without an arrow notched within his bow. As they approached him waiting there, he pointed seemingly to the rock face itself.

“Why is he pointing at the rock?” asked a confused Melvin. “We’ve seen loads of it already.”

“Yes, but none that hide a doorway,” said Tumbor in astonishment. “I’m impressed the Elf even saw it.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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