Pushing onward

The false heat from Rohlen’s magical flame felt real enough, as they all sat around the camp fire warming themselves whilst eating breakfast. They were still all soaked from the relentless rain, but it was now a warm kind of wet, and that seemed to make it somewhat more bearable.

“Do you feel up to trying your original plan dear friend?” Jax enquired of Rohlen. “I would wager you will encounter no more flying trolls this time.”

“Indeed. Garnish me a rope and I shall tether it so that you may all climb the ledge.”

With rope in hand, Rohlen began the same magical incantation that saw him levitate once before. Steadily he began floating upwards, coming to rest above the camp upon the overhanging ledge.

“Do you see anything to secure the rope with?” shouted Jax, the rest of the group looking on in anticipation.

A minute or two later, the end of the rope was hurled over, followed by the semi smiling face of the mage.

“It is done.”

Jax looked at Tumbor.

“Why me?” asked the dwarf, still stuffing his face with whatever meat he could find left on the bones of breakfast.

“Will as due respect….”

“Heaviest first,” jibed Melvin.

“Is that so,” snarled Tumbor to his feet, eyes glaring at the outspoken thief.

“I will go first,” said Fraevon, slinging his bow over his shoulder. “I can scout the way ahead whilst you bicker about who follows in what order.”

“So be it,” replied Jax.

“Aye. Sound plan,” said Tumbor still chewing.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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