Rohlen wakes

Rohlen woke, somewhat groggy and bruised from his altercation with the troll, and through bleary eyes, looked around his surroundings. They had not yet found a way to scale to the ledge.

The remnants of the fire was nothing more than dull glowing embers, and the rain had began finding ways in through the makeshift canopy. Everybody slept soundly, even Melvin, though unlike the others, he was in a seated position away from the group.

‘Fallen asleep on watch again,’ he thought. Thankfully this time, without consequence.

A black charred mass was the only other significant feature of note. Rohlen cursed the deceased beast as his joints ached whilst attempting to stand. He thought it best to rouse the sleeping thief before others found out about his repeated failings.

“Wake up,” he said quietly, nudging Melvin with his foot.

“I am!” was the reply, with more than a hint of shocked surprise.

“Hmmm,” said Rohlen suspiciously. “Then make yourself useful and gather more wood, there’s breakfast to be had.”

With a gentle wave of a hand in the direction of the campfire, flames burst forth from the glowing embers and began to consume what wood remained piled upon them.

There was movement from the shelter,

“Did someone mention breakfast?” asked Tumbor wiping drool from his beard.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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