Camp Fire

The makeshift awnings did its best to keep the persistent rain off of the companions, as they huddled together taking warmth from the tempered camp fire. Without Rohlen’s magic, the natural flame was at the mercy of the inclement weather.

“I’m not the biggest admirer of the mystic arts,” grumbled Tumbor. “But your brother had a flare for a good flame.”

“I’m sure he would see that as a compliment,” replied Yulien.

“You could always bring him round.”

Despite the biting cold, wet mountain air, and how tempting the idea of a roaring fire was, it was her belief that her brother required rest. She simply shook her head and huddled down under her blanket to sleep.

“Yulien has the right idea,” said Jax. “We should take the opportunity to rest while we can. Who knows what other creatures Shala’s corruption has touched.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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