Taking down the beast

Yulien screamed her brother’s name, both with concern that he’d landed so hard, but also frenzied anger at the undead behemoth that landed almost on top of him. Arcane mystic words rolled from her tongue as, with both hands held out it from of her, she unleashed a cacophony of swirling bolts into the beast.

As each struck, huge chunks of already decayed flesh seem to explode from it, black think ooze seeping out of the fresh wounds.

Fraevon, siezing upon the oppurtunity, unleashed a salvo of arrows as Tumbor and Jax struck hard with their respective weapons. Bearly noticing the pain, the Troll lashed out wildly in all directions, nearly striking Melvin who had made his way round so as to pull the prone Rohlen from harms way. The troll saw the thief’s intentions and so stooped to pick up the stricken mage.

“Rohlen!” Yulien screamed once more as she watched the Troll’s immense hand lifted her sibling into the air, seemingly ready to hurl him into the rock face.

Again and again arrows punctured it’s flesh, as axe and sword tore into it’s tree trunk sized legs. Nothing seemed to slow or cause pain to it, but fight on they did, hoping it would eventually buckle or at least release their friend.

As the troll pulled back to throw, Rohlen’s lips unleashed a flurry of arcane mumblings. Flames engulfed the hand and arm of the beast, causing it to drop the semi-conscious mage. Landing heavily once more upon the sodden earth, he strained to open an eye so as to look at the fully inflamed beast.

“Burn you bastard!” he whispered before then slipping out of consciousness.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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