Shala’s reach

There was something peculiar about this particular troll. Its movement was clumsy, almost as if it were fighting the effects of a spell or poison. A fully functioning troll would never have missed its target with a rock hurl, especially given it had the element of surprise. This troll was a reanimation of one long dead.

“Look at its eyes!” shouted Fraevon, ready to unleash an arrow into the hulking beast. They were a misty black and dripping with a thick black sticky ooze, the same ooze that seeped from the several gaping wounds that covered its body.

“It is undead,” said Yulien quietly, as she prepared to follow the Elf’s arrow with the appropriate spell.

Fraevon’s aim was true, his shot slamming into the chest of the beast sending it reeling backward’s. Thick black ooze began to weep from the wound as it swiped away the protruding arrow.

Arcane energy then slammed into the creature so hard that the force took it off its feet, sending it crashing backwards onto the floor. For a short moment of time there was silence, and briefly they allowed themselves to believe it had been killed, again.

“What did you hit it with?” asked Melvin in wonderment. “Because whatever it was, it made short work of him.”

“Sshh,” said Fraevon, another arrow notched ready, as he listened intently towards the direction of the overhang, convinced he could still hear movement.

Rohlen, without consultation, uttered a series of arcane words as he slowly began to levitate upwards. “I’ll take a closer….”

He was given no opportunity to complete his words, as the once prone troll met the wizard in mid air. The two bodies slammed into each other, the wind being knocked out of Rohlen’s lungs as they both crashed hard onto the sodden floor.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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