Word/Genre Challenge #9

Word (s) is: Overly full wine glass. Genre: Murder Mystery.

The Party for Sinners

The body was that of August Pennyfeather, an eccentric recluse who limited his contact with the outside world to an absolute minimum. So why, on the eve of his death, had he requested six complete strangers to his home via personal invitation?

Had one of these invited guests arrived with a motive for murder? With suspicion rife and accusing eyes looking in all directions, just who did provide the fatal blow that robbed their
host of his life?

The first suspect was a rather rotund young gentleman, rosy red cheeks and slick short straight hair. Dressed in a tailored three piece tweed suit, he cut a figure of gentry and wealth to excess. Though he had no recollection of ever meeting his host, August had seen him stuffing an extremely obscene amount of money into his wallet, whilst dismissing a hungry beggar on the roadside.

The second was another more rotund male, except one with less ambition on dressing well, as evident by his ill fitting shirt and trousers. Again he knew nothing of his host, though their paths had crossed one evening in a local restaurant. August witnessed his guest devour several servings of both the main course and desert, before then washing it all down with a overly full wine glass, its contents disappearing in one gulp.

Third was an average looking middle-aged woman, with the kind of face that could easily be forgotten in a crowd of two. August saw her upon the street yelling at a young child, her face flush red and hand smacking violently the back of the young one’s bare legs. Only stares from others brought her to stop.

A very attractive woman was fourth. Dressed to impress, her long blonde hair was plaited perfectly. It framed beautiful blue eyes, accented with makeup, and lips coloured a bright red. She was dressed immaculately, without a thing out of place. August’s encountered with her, was within a department store, surrounded by mirrors and about all the store’s assistants running back and forth, attending to her every whim.

Fifth was another female. She was beautiful in a way that only a select few would find attractive. Her face showed signs of surgical enhancement, with plumped lips and creases removed. It would be a safe bet that other parts of her had been altered also. The host’s encounter with her was standing in a queue at the bank. She had been discussing with another, her jealousy over the other woman’s nose, and that perhaps she should pay her surgeon another visit.

Last was a weasly looking gentleman with greasy brown hair that strangely matched his wispy short facial hair. The shirt he wore untucked from his trousers, sported a rather large stain, and rather than being a crisp white, was looking a dirty off white. He also gave off a musty odour that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the others. The meeting of August and he, was a rather brief affair. A simple sneeze into his hands, followed by them being rubbed upon a seat beside him on a crowded train. August stood for the entire of that journey.

Six guests, each portraying one of the seven cardinal sins, but where was the seventh? Was August Pennyfeather the missing sin? What or who had caused his demise? As accusing eyes continued to circulate the room, none had noticed that only one of the overly full glasses of wine had been drunk from.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


2 thoughts on “Word/Genre Challenge #9

  1. Wow. Just when I think you’re writing can’t possibly get any better, you go and astound me again! Being a fan of Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, I adore this. You could write a short story beginning and finishing this and I would be in heaven. Lovely work, Chris… once again. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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