Word/Genre Challenge #7

As requested, the word is Axe and the genre Thriller.

The longest short walk

‘I really have to learn to say no,’ thought Amy, locking up the office for the day. Except it was more late evening by the time she finished the extra work her boss had asked of her.

She checked her watch, ‘9 o’clock again! Impressive.’

Her car was parked at the other end of the now empty parking lot, and so she wrapped her coat around herself and began heading towards her car. The night air was cold, but dry, her breath forming tiny plumes that made her look like a puffing dragon. Pursing her lips, she tried to change their shape.

As she walked, the sound of her heels on the asphalt made a repetitive clicking sound, and she became acutely aware that it was being matched by a much more dull, heavier footfall.

Fear began to engulf her thoughts, her breathing becoming more rapid and shallow. The warm plumes of air escaping her lips changed again. She was too afraid to look round, but quickened her pace without it appearing too obvious. She’d watched too many films where the dumb blonde had tried to run, only to fall and witness her own demise.

Her car was tantalisingly close, but so too were the mysterious ‘other’ footsteps. Her heart was beating inexplicably fast, as was her breathing, but she reached into her pocket and pressed the button on her keys to unlock the car. The four indicator lights flashed, illuminating the car park temporarily with an orangey yellow glow.

Closing her eyes, Amy reached out and placed her hand upon the driver’s door handle. A huge sigh of relief expelled from her as she opened it towards her. It was at that moment the blade of a huge axe slammed into her car roof. She screamed out in pure terror, letting go of door and for no logically explainable reason, she turned to see who had wielded the axe.

Her screams were heard by only one other person, his face unrecognisable behind a thick black woollen balaclava.

“Please don’t kill me!” she sobbed uncontrollably, as he removed the axe for where it rested within the car roof.

“I’m not going to kill you Amy. Not this time.” The attacker turned and walked away as she slumped to her knees, shaking and crying. uncontrollably. “Sweet dreams,” he finished without looking back, before then disappearing in the darkness.

Gently it began to rain.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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